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PRODUCT FOCUS DualDocker moors a recreation platform in environmentally sensitive waters in Switzerland. The art of damping and stability Since Austrian company DualDocker launched its innovative solution for mooring boats seven years ago, it has honed designs, introduced new applications and radically expanded the DualDocker portfolio. Developed over a 12 month period during 2007/08 by keen yachtsman Michael Fuhrmann and extensively tested by Olympic sailing professionals prior to production, DualDocker was devised to keep moderately sized boats in place in marina berths. The system has since been rolled out as proven equipment for mooring pontoons, houseboats and other floating structures up to 10,000 tons in weight. Patented innovation DualDocker is undoubtedly innovative: a purely mechanical, highly damped mooring solution based on the principle of reducing kinetic energy and the resulting braking forces. As such, it eliminates damage, worry and distress. Keeping a floating structure stable - not allowing it to gain momentum - is crucial. A drifting yacht or houseboat in strong winds, swells, choppy waters or currents is a nightmare. Yachts colliding with quay walls, or floating homes jerking, deprive everyone of a good night’s sleep. The concept of damping is not new, of course - there are no cars without suspension – but DualDocker has perfected the art of damping, and its patented system is claimed to provide the highest damping characteristics and short damping ways possible. The product is purely mechanical and self-sufficient, making it environmentally friendly. Using materials that guarantee long life expectancy, like anodised seawater resistant aluminium, DualDocker ensures a quality ‘Made in Austria’ product. All aluminium components are at least anodised if not hard anodised for longevity and negligible maintenance. The DualDocker is also aesthetically pleasing. Mooring and stabilising yachts Mooring a boat with DualDocker in a marina berth increases safety and stability for both boat and boat owner. It is easy to step aboard, there are no bow mooring lines, no jerky motions and, during stormy weather, the boat remains securely in place. There are also benefits for marinas. For stern-to mooring arrangements, by keeping each vessel strictly within its designated water area and minimising manoeuvring space, marinas can increase their berth capacity, in some cases by as much as an impressive 150%. Vessels can also be securely moored at alongside berths. The system requires minimal installation effort. It is available as an add-on (being compatible with all currently available pontoon systems), and can be incorporated into an initial marina design. Models suit vessels from 6m (19.68ft) to megayacht size. Other significant benefits are minimal maintenance and zero impact on the underwater environment. Floating houses, offices and more... Over the past few years, DualDocker has been used to moor floating buildings all over Europe in an environmentally friendly way. It has made them stable and secure, highly damped and with zero play regardless of water level. They are also collision and jerk-free, and damage and accident-free courtesy of one-step boarding. One of three floating pontoon mooring solutions recently installed in Australia. 46 - November/December 2015

PRODUCT FOCUS A 150-ton floating house remains stable and secure courtesy of DualDocker mooring. Nineteen houses at this site in Germany are planned by the end of 2016. DualDocker is especially suitable for heavy floating structures in poorly protected locations. Floating pontoons DualDocker has most recently moored a recreation platform on Lake Geneva, Switzerland (see Marina World July/ August 2015) and three floating pontoons in Australia. V-shaped arrangements are used, with the two securing booms of each V absorbing impact and offering high damping capacity. The product is ideal for simple walkways, modular platforms, yacht mooring pontoons, seaplane disembarking platforms, heavy-duty pontoons in exposed locations and private jetties in sensitive waters. Keeping the floating pontoon from moving and jerking (caused by wind and choppy waters) while smoothly damping impacts (e.g. from arriving vessels) are the key factors to success. Telescopic pile Suitable for use in all environments including shallow waters with considerable water level differences, the new pile simply adjusts to changing water levels of up to 10m (33ft). It ensures zero visual impact. Telescopic Piles can also be installed as bow mooring points for yachts in A 48ft (14.63m) Sealine moored at a private berth in the UK. marinas or to replace swing moorings and, as expected, are maintenancefree, have longevity and offer smooth damping capacity. Models of 0.5 to 20 tons are available. More ideas Swing moorings can be radically improved if replaced with the DualDocker Single Point Mooring Solution. Traditional chain and anchor systems are criticised for causing environmental damage as the anchor drags across the seabed, especially during storms. Each mooring also has a wide swinging radius, minimal or zero damping and requires regular maintenance with associated diving costs. The DualDocker option is to secure one non-corrosive DualDocker arm into the seabed with ball and mooring cleat attached. The unit cannot drag whatever the weather, thus keeping flora and fauna intact, and can be fixed to existing dead weights if required. The product’s mechanical damping elements protect boat cleats. Like other innovations, the Single Point Mooring Solution can be used to save space and thus potentially increase the number of buoys at any mooring field. The benefit lies in a smaller swinging radius of just 3m (9.8ft) in a water depth of 5m (16.4ft) in comparison with the 7m (23ft) radius likely required by a chain arrangement. Boats also remain very stable in the water irrespective of wind, wave or current. In addition to being maintenance-free and offering longevity due to the use of anodised aluminium and synthetic guides, the system is simple to install and can be used in tidal and non-tidal locations. Exploring new territory Single Point Mooring Solutions and Telescopic Piles allow safe, economical and environmentally friendly mooring outside the marina, in bays and estuaries, for a range of vessels, from fishing boats to megayachts. DualDocker will be exhibiting all models in the Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) at METS, Amsterdam. Contact DualDocker in Austria on email: or - November/December 2015 47

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