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November December 2019 Marina World

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Water is adventure,

Water is adventure, discovery and pleasure, but also power, difficult to control. Hall 5 Stand 06.611 Water has always been our ally and endlessly fascinating engineering challenge. Our work is our passion. We continue to experience the same emotions and pleasure inspired when we began to construct on water forty years ago. Pontoons, breakwaters, piers for super yachts, floating bridges and constructions: the best solutions for connecting sea and land by means of strong and reliable structures, in aluminium, concrete or steel, standard or tailor made. Made in Italy Let’s shape together your new marina Tel. +39 0422 702412 Pontoons and constructions on the water

NEWS FOCUS a strong position in the global marine tourism market? A: From the initial stages of tourist port planning, Greece has taken advantage of its geography and Polynesian character. We are well aware of this feature, which we consider to be one of our valuable resources. It plays a central role in our strategic planning of infrastructure modernisation, management rationalisation and service upgrade. Our objective is to make the country a brand name in the global marine tourism field by expanding our network of marinas. Q: Over the years, floating construction companies all over the world have developed innovative and sustainable floating concepts like marina utility buildings, floating pools, restaurants, activity platforms, leisure centres, homes, hotel villas etc., in an effort to create solutions for additional sources of significant revenue for investors, marina operators and the local economies of coastal areas. Do you think Greece’s mentality and legislative framework can effectively embrace change and these kinds of concepts? A: In recent years, floating technologies have been part of marine tourism infrastructure. The Ministry of Tourism currently works together with all relevant stakeholders to update the legal framework and harmonise the national legislation with EU standards, accelerating the process of adaption to the latest developments. Q: Modern tourist ports, in terms of infrastructure and services, can undoubtedly be a valuable source of wealth that is much needed for the country’s local and national economy. According to the recent study of the Institute of SETE - Greek Tourism Confederation - on nautical tourism, the country currently has 22 organised marinas, with a total capacity of 8,924 berths and an estimated 13,500 berths if boat shelters and anchorages are taken into consideration. Can you outline new development targets and priority product development measures for years ahead? A: The Ministry of Tourism plans to increase the total berth capacity in Greece with an emphasis on creating new berths for megayachts and constantly improving available services. Our targets for marine tourism growth are in perfect harmony with current requirements and new market trends, but they are also flexible when necessary. Q: Yacht clubs are internationally recognised for their significant contribution to marine tourism in terms of human resources, expertise and know-how. How do you intend to capitalise on Greek yacht clubs in the context of the Ministry’s plan for the advancement of marine tourism and marinas? A: The legal framework of tourist ports allows yacht clubs to be established within the leisure port zone. Yacht clubs should and will be included as part of our strategic plan. Marine tourism’s most fundamental pillar is the sailing or motor boat. However, a large proportion of these vessels belong to sporting clubs, which, through their international presence in regattas and the success of their sportsmen, contribute hugely to Greece’s promotion, placing the country centre stage in the global marine tourism field. - November/December 2019 21

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