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November December 2019 Marina World

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Engineering firm specializing exclusively in the coastal and marine environments Marina Planning & Design Environmental Permitting Underwater Inspections Resilient Infrastructure Construction Services Storm Surge Impacts Bulkheads Beaches Seahaven Superyacht Marina Marina & Yard Pavillon Hall 5 Stand No. 05.318 Safe, Secure and Sustainable Docking for Floating Structures Global Sales Tel. +43 676 9427 760 offi QUALITY MADE IN

DISASTER MANAGEMENT Bundeena is much admired for being a ‘sleepy village’ on the outskirts of southern Sydney but stormy weather made for an extensive clean-up. Photo: Club Marine that are more manoeuvrable, and they will need better skills. Our marinas will need to be prepared for making berthing easier. Electric propulsion for boats is inevitable; it’s just a matter of when. Ultimately, it will be consumerdriven and, as consumers embrace electric cars, they will not favour the high cost of fossil fuels for their boats. It will be fascinating to see this market develop, not only for new boats but for the ultimate repowering of the existing fleet with electric propulsion. It is some way away yet but it does open up the question about how we prepare for the future with training and skills for building and maintaining these systems. I can see a future where the majority of boats have electric propulsion with some form of pods that provide easy and automatic manoeuvring in close quarters making boating safer and more relaxing and making boats cheaper to maintain and operate. This ease of operation will open the market up to more people and respond to the trend towards shared ownership and use of boats. Developing and implementing these technologies is, in my opinion, a great opportunity for our industry which we should be collectively working towards. Darren Vaux is president of the (Australian) Boating Industry Association, executive committee member of ICOMIA, chairman of the ICOMIA Environment Committee and managing director of the award winning Empire Marina Bobbin Head in Sydney, Australia. Seawork 182x132mm_Marina World Advert_Nov2019_Left_V2.indd 1 30/09/2019 11:36 - November/December 2019 35

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