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November December 2019 Marina World

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FLOATING STRUCTURES Arks afloat at UK marinas First-of-type luxury floating accommodation boats, called Ark 900s, have been delivered to Thornham Marina near Chichester, UK. Developed by the marina owner – The Trafalgar Group – working closely with Walcon Marine, they will be available to visitors via Airbnb and The uniquely customised pontoon base units are built using Walcon’s proven System 21 products but feature extensive detailing to complement a curved, organic design. Measuring 9m x 5m (29 x 16ft) at their widest points, each offers two-person accommodation. The decking conceals the substantial flotation needed to support the structure and its occupants safely, and all plumbing and electrical systems required to ensure a comfortable experience. Each Ark is built with a wooden clinker-style exterior shell over a steel frame and features include insulated wall cavities, electric underfloor heating, air conditioning, sound systems, LED lighting, en-suite facilities and more. Walcon delivered each of the pontoon hulls to the site in two sections and then performed the final assembly on the waterside. Weighing 12 tonnes apiece, they were then lifted into the water by crane and decking was installed and other work finalised. All was completed with the final bolting up and the addition of curved stainless steel handrails. The Ark 900 is designed to be highly stable when static in the marina but can also be easily and safely manoeuvred around the harbour using a high thrust outboard motor. “Walcon has worked closely with us in designing this unique luxury accommodation boat,” said Trafalgar Group managing director Jonny Boys. “Working with their design team we have been able to ensure a seamless process that brought together components such as the pontoon hulls, the blackwater systems and the Ark 900s themselves to create a harmonious whole. Working with Walcon has allowed us to innovate and explore a great new market sector.” James Walters, managing director for Walcon, added: “We welcome custom pontoon projects of all types. We have the skills, facilities and experience to deliver complete design, build and installation packages, as well as full after-care and maintenance. It was our pleasure to work with owner Jonny Boys and his team whose vision and decision to think outside the box made this pioneering project a reality.” BWML launches floating home community concept British Waterways Marinas Ltd (BWML), operator of 18 marinas in England, has launched a floating home concept at Sawley Marina (Nottinghamshire) and Priory Marina (Bedfordshire). Each of the 21 available lodges features an open plan living area, fullyfitted kitchen, two double bedrooms and a wraparound outside terrace. Every home comes with a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty. The homes are situated within gated communities, with bars, restaurants and shops within a short distance. Both sites have car parking, storage facilities, CCTV and a 24-hour emergency callout service. Not only do the homes offer a unique housing option to buyers, but studies have shown that living by the water has a number of health 52 - November/December 2019

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