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November December 2019 Marina World

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Reduce Your

Reduce Your Marina Energy Operating Cost . . . Easterwoods . . . Improve Power Resiliency, and Expand Services to Remote Marina Facilities with Blue Isles SolarMicro Grid Docks. Honest and responsible teak logs and lumber - - +31-(0)6-836-538-58 Spinveld 12 - 4815 HS Breda - The Netherlands PowerDocks LLC CMP 48.EL Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency? They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name! Tested and Certified by IMANNA Laboratory Inc. Falling Dart Impact Test 7-Day Hunt Water Absorption Test Encasement Wall Thickness Standard And More! IMANNA Certified For over 25 years, Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability and longevity. Visit for a variety of product sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information.

FLOATING STRUCTURES benefits. Researcher Mireia Gascon from the Institute for Global Health found that those living by the water are less likely to be stressed and have an increased perception of their own wellbeing. She also found that when compared to the general population, those living by the water are more likely to report higher levels of physical activity. Jeff Whyatt, managing director of BWML, said the company is “incredibly excited” about the launch of the floating homes. “These homes have been built to the highest possible specification, delivering a very low carbon footprint, low energy bills and a fantastic way of life,” he commented. Martini Marinas floating pontoons. The best, from all points of the compass. 19-21 NOV. 2019 VISIT US Hall 5 Stand 05.208 SWITZERLAND CROATIA GREECE NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM ROMANIA VIETNAM T. +41 91 9945545 T. +385 01 6530040 T. +30 23 10692899 T. +31 6 46140603 T. +40 341 482664 T. +84 123 7701039 Martini Alfredo S.p.A. Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43 P.O. Box 30 - 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel +39 02 963941 - November/December 2019 55

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