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Mega Yacht Powerpoint

Mega Yacht Powerpoint POWER to Trust The Complete Solution From the company that is known for its high quality innovations, Eaton is the only company to offer a self-contained dual-phase megayacht unit. Lighthouse Power Pedestal One of our most popular units, the allpurpose Lighthouse pedestal has a wide range of features. All Eaton Marina Power & Lighting power pedestals and distribution equipment is UL listed. The UL certification provides industry leading level of product safety your customers demand and the peace of mind you expect from Eaton. In business for over 100 years, Eaton provides everything your marina needs for a safe, reliable and efficient electrical power system. Eaton offers a complete electrical solution including: • Full electrical design services • Single source for electrical equipment Lighthouse-SS Power Pedestal The Lighthouse-SS offers the same features and options as the standard Lighthouse, but is made with high quality stainless steel for superior durability and performance. • Eaton branded and trusted components • Installation through Eaton’s Certified Contractor Network • Local supply through our distributor network • Superior customer service before, during, and after purchase Eaton Marina Power & Lighting 1-800-723-8009 Admiral-SS Power Pedestal Truly the flagship of our unitized pedestal line, the Admiral-SS possesses amperage capabilities and receptacles to serve nearly any size Mega Yacht.

WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS have used this system with Seaflex on hundreds of installations all over the world.” The dock system requires minimal maintenance and is designed to have a 50 year life. All slips have water and electricity via pedestals supplied by Virginia-based Marina Electrical Equipment (MEE). MEE will install its Harbor Light SS – a stand-alone stainless steel unit. Each pedestal contains electrical receptacles and circuit breakers, electronic metering, water connections and LED lighting. “The units will also have pivoting faceplate technology (patent pending) for ease of maintenance,” confirms MEE’s Chris Dolan. Provision has also been made for the superyacht docks. MEE has custom designed stainless steel GTX superyacht units and GTX substations. “The superyacht units include high efficiency torodial transformers, which will allow the facility to save a substantial amount of money in installation costs,” Dolan explains. “By providing units with integral transformers on the docks, the facility can use much smaller wire (or cable) to power the units. Smaller cables cost less money than larger cables, saving the customer money.” The substations also contain torodial transformers and panels to supply electricity to the power pedestals on the docks. Again, there is the benefit of reduced cabling costs. As Marina World went to press in late Marinetek breakwater sections arriving on site. August, Greg Weykamp confirmed that Marinetek was installing the breakwater units and that Poralu was poised to install the marina docks as rapidly as possible when the breakwaters are in place. Pontoons, breakwaters, fingers and accessories for marinas Quality – performance – design Secure and safe year after year Pontech AB Box 2037 S-103 11 Stockholm Sweden Telephone E-mail Internet +46 8 403 05 900 - September/October 2015 23

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