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WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS As this CGI shows, with boats in place and the shoreside development completed, Christophe Harbour will be stunning by night. Phase one of the marina village will be under construction later this year. power, high-speed in-slip fuelling (up to 150 gallons/min), high-pressure potable water, in-slip pump-out and modern high-speed communications (cable and Wi-Fi). In addition to this advanced infrastructure, all of the marina elements adhere to very specific aesthetic requirements. The marina is inspired by classic Mediterranean ports, modernised through the use of monolithic elements, smooth lines and a minimalistic approach to the design of dock accessories. The fuel, pump-out and potable water hydrants are located below the deck in flushmounted, custom-built stainless steel hatches. The power pedestals, designed and fabricated by Marina Electrical Equipment, are also custombuilt to maintain a low profile, standing only 32in (0.8m) above the deck. This allows lines of sight across the marina to remain unbroken, drawing focus to the yachts rather than the utilities and other fixtures on the dock. The upland marina offerings and services have been tailored specifically to megayacht owners and crew as well. The marina staff are uniformed and professionally trained, and complimentary concierge service ensures that patrons’ needs are met, vessels are easily provisioned and crew are properly accommodated. The marina also has an advanced security system and 24/7 onsite security personnel and is pending certification by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). It will be one of the only ISPS certified facilities in the region, providing a designated port of entry with streamlined Customs and Immigration services. This will allow guests to spend more time enjoying the island and less time dealing with cumbersome customs procedures. Serious challenges The marina’s first phase of development faced formidable challenges. One of the greatest trials that had to be overcome was the onset of the global economic recession in 2007/2008. Prior to the recession, the marina was to include over 300 slips of various sizes in a single phase. Due to the financial downturn, the plans for the marina had to be revamped to include phasing in line with the new economic climate. CHDC also took specific measures to ensure that construction could begin immediately when the timing was right. Throughout the recession, ATM and CHDC worked to maintain dredging and land reclamation operations, modify and finalise marina plans and specifications, and keep potential contractors abreast of the project’s status. In late 2013, when the economy was on the rise and the construction of the marina was justified, the project was competitively bid to a host of marine contractors from around the world. Construction began in early 2014 and the marina was opened with great fanfare in February of this year. To ensure that the demanding technical and aesthetic requirements were met, detailed specifications and design parameters were established by ATM and the other members of the design team during the bidding process. Numerous bids were received and assessed based upon qualifications and cost. Once the evaluation process was completed, a US contractor, American Bridge (AB), was selected to construct the marina. AB had the equipment, personnel and experience required to meet the demanding quality standards while maintaining an aggressive project schedule. The remote location of the project posed logistical challenges as well. AB utilised its global network of suppliers to ensure that materials arrived on time at an efficient cost. Precast structural elements were manufactured in Virginia, USA and shipped over 2,000 miles (3,218km) to St. Kitts; steel pipe piles were fabricated in China and procured through a US-based supplier; and basic construction equipment, such as cranes and pile drivers, had to be mobilised from abroad due to the limited availability of equipment on the island. AB also brought in experienced expatriates to complement the local workforce, ensuring that the work was completed on time while adhering to the highest quality standards. Realising a vision The Marina at Christophe Harbour has been designed to be the heart and soul of the Christophe Harbour community. It is a manifestation of CHDC’s vision for the yachting-oriented development, and hints at the scale and grandeur of that vision. Through dedicated efforts by all of the project team members and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards for all aspects of the project, the Marina at Christophe Harbour is redefining the standards by which Caribbean megayacht facilities are judged and has paved the way for the continued rise of St. Kitts as a premier destination in the Caribbean. Justin Davis, PE, MBA is a project engineer and marina development specialist for Applied Technology & Management, Inc., Florida, USA. He can be reached via e-mail at 36 - September/October 2015 MW2015SepOct.indd 36 05/09/2015 14:12:18

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