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WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS Generously proportioned docks and gangways were manufactured and installed by Bellingham Marine. Seissiger said, “in a tank 120ft by 60ft (36m by 18m)). We studied tidal scouring and evaluated each concept against the criteria. Through conceptual planning, computer modelling and physical testing, we went through 25 designs.” The system consists of twelve islands and a peninsula covering 13 acres (5.2ha). The largest, Tern Island, is 10 acres (4ha). Tern Island features seven T-groins to dissipate wave energy. T-groins are built of limestone stones weighing 4,000 to 7,000lbs (1,814 to 3,175kg). The eleven smaller islands use 1,200 to 2,500lb (544 to 1,133kg) stones. 93,000 tons of lime rock was mined 50 miles (80.4km) from the marina. In addition, the islands required 120,000 cu yd (91,746 cu m) of sand held in place by large sand-filled geotextile tubes. These were stacked pyramid form then backfilled to raise Tern Island 10ft (3m) above the lagoon. The islands took two years to build. The new marina and wave attenuators The request for proposals came down to four companies. “We awarded the project to Bellingham Marine because their proposal best met our design criteria,” Seissiger said. FEMA rules provide only like-for-like replacement, but the northern entrance channel had to be dredged every year. A new, safer entrance channel was created which allowed L Dock to be reconfigured with 17 new slips, including the capacity to moor boats up to 43m (140ft). A, B and C Docks were replaced unchanged. The two 53in (1.35m) draft floating wave attenuators are designed to reduce a 2ft (0.6m) chop to 6in (15cm) in blustery weather. Docks and wave attenuators are waler-connected. Walers on the wave attenuators are reinforced by ½ in (1.25cm) T-bars of drilled and galvanised steel joined to the glue laminated timbers for additional stability. Bellingham Marine was the general contractor. The company manufactured and installed the floating docks, installed the gangways and completed electrical and plumbing work in-house. Pile driving was subcontracted to Hal Jones, and Lucas Marine Acquisition Company did the island work. “Docks and pilings were manufactured in our Jacksonville plant and transported by barge to the site,” said Kevin Thomson, general manager southeast division of Bellingham Marine. “No road transportation was needed so the marina operated normally during construction. We monitored the nearby manatee habitat and stopped construction when manatees were in the area.” “Bellingham Marine gave us the project we wanted,” said Seissiger, “not the project they thought we wanted. We felt they were listening to us. They stayed by our side during the long design process and made adjustments as needed based on our comfort level.” A boon to the environment The island system has allowed Ft. Pierce to create several new habitats. Thirty-foot (9.1m) HDPE “mattresses” filled with oyster cultch (shell-like material) were installed to recruit oysters. These have generated over 1.2 acres (0.48ha) of new oyster beds. Several acres of sea grass were planted to attract juvenile fish. Mangrove pods were planted and new mangroves are taking hold. The barrier islands provide more than two acres (0.8ha) of coastal dune habitat. Tern Island is a seasonal nesting ground for the least tern and refuge to ospreys, seagulls and pelicans. Over six acres (2.4ha) of new artificial reefs are showing signs of both hard and soft coral recruitment. Robert Wilkes writes about the marina industry from his home in Bellevue, Washington, USA. 40 - September/October 2015 MW2015SepOct.indd 40 05/09/2015 14:12:28

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