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September October 2019 Marina World

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Camper & Nicholsons

Camper & Nicholsons Marinas are globally recognised as the experts in developing marinas alongside premium waterside property developments and place-making. We provide consultancy services to anyone who is planning to construct a marina. We manage, operate and own marinas all over the world. Contact: Andrew Garland, Business Development Manager Tel: +44 (0)20 3405 1782

SPECIAL FOCUS Capo d’Orlando Marina in Sicily offers top services and hosts 553 vessels up to 40m (131ft) in length. Photo: Gianfranco Guccione basin of the Serenissima’s Arsenal. The company enjoys a special relationship with the city of Venice (see inset story). Further afield Specialist Ingemar teams currently operate in different geographical areas of Europe and the Middle East developing a variety of site and climate-specific solutions. The company’s export reach has expanded steadily over the past 20 years and now accounts for 70% of turnover. Projects have shifted over the years from a predominantly Mediterranean base – France, Greece, Croatia, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Slovenia, Montenegro and Turkey – towards the South East, to develop important projects in Middle Eastern countries, such as Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE. It is in these countries that the most important and complex challenges of recent years are being played out, such as in Sea City, 100km (62mi) south of Kuwait City, where a new city for 100,000 people is rising from the sand. Being built on a network of more than 200km (124mi) of canals and lagoons excavated in the desert, Sea City has four marinas that have been equipped with over 33km (20.5mi) of Ingemar floating piers. In Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, the Ingemar Group is undertaking numerous Floating breakwaters such as this, in Haql, northwest Saudi Arabia, are manufactured from reinforced concrete with an expanded polystyrene core. Ingemar manufactures modules of many sizes, including the giant of the family at 20 x 10m (66 x 33ft), 2.5m (8ft) high and weighing 185 tonnes apiece. projects strengthening landing sites for the Saudi Coast Guard on the Red Sea and the Gulf. Past, present and future Ingemar president and founder Lorenzo Isalberti takes time to reflect. “We’ve had many ideas, many problems and a lot of satisfaction,” he smiles. “And even today, after 40 years, we have the enthusiasm and the imagination to conjure up new future opportunities as builders on the water.” On a more serious note, however, he acknowledges that conditions today are more demanding. “They require professional, industrial and operational skills in line with new technical challenges and growing international competition. Ingemar’s efforts in recent years have been directed towards strengthening the technical and operational potential of the company and the development of new solutions to delocalise the production of large elements with the use of mobile worksites or with the collaboration of local companies in distant countries.” “I am convinced that with the energy of the younger generation working with us and the greater potential in foreign markets, our established products will continue to improve, and provide us with a great future for the next 40 years!” he concludes. Ingemar in Venice In addition to providing floating infrastructure in the Arsenal basin for the Venice Boat Show, Ingemar systems contribute to many of the historical events and celebrations of the Serenissima, complementing the mooring capacity of the lagoon and facilitating the movement of goods and passengers on the city’s waterways. Venice and its lagoon are ideal for floating structures, which are well suited to areas with high tides and have very modest environmental impact. By anchoring with steel piles driven into the seabed, similar to the ancient Venetian ‘bricole’, interference with the delicate water balance of the lagoon is minimal. The floating pontoons have modest dimensions and low impact on the water surface. All these characteristics contribute to their ever increasing use in multiple locations. Numerous Ingemar installations are to be found in the Serenissima lagoon, in tourist ports and for use by public transport ferries (vaporetti), tourist boats and working boats. The structures include landing piers for cruise ship passengers at the Venice passenger terminal; access pontoons for hotels and residences; special piers for waste collection service boats; the floating port of Tronchetto for ACTV (public transport) boats; floating pavilions for the Biennial of Art; mobile bridges for the Venetian celebrations of the Madonna della Salute and the Redentore; and refuge ports for the imposing structures of the MOSE flood protection project. Venice has become a splendid open-air showroom for Ingemar, highlighting its ability to build on water well beyond the pleasure boat sector. - September/October 2019 19

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