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September October 2019 Marina World

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PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY A CGI video flythrough helped communicate the scale, typology and vibrancy of the proposed waterfront. Phil Dunn Expert help for newbuild marina process by Phil Dunn In late 2015 the Cypriot Government, keen to expand the marine tourism offer, launched a competitive process for the concession to Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) a new 300-berth marina and waterfront development at Paralimni in the Famagusta region of Cyprus. The concession period was to be for 125 years. Under the terms of the concession, the developer was obliged to incorporate the local fishing harbour (Pernera Fish Shelter) into the marina waterspace, to provide a public access promenade and continuous coastal path in addition to creation of a dedicated 12,000m² (129,167ft²) environmental park - roughly double the footprint of allowable development buildings. In short, any formal proposals would have to contribute significantly to the local community and improve the foreshore accessibility. Demand for a marina A local investor, Anthoulis Kountouris, fully understood the need for the project. As an active boat owner in the area, frustrated by the lack of any formal leisure marina facilities, he appreciated the opportunity at hand and was eager to respond. With previous experience in the maritime sales industry, as well as boating experience around the Mediterranean, he was particularly keen to understand how the operational requirements of the concession might influence a formal bid and specifically the value-generating potential for the marina and waterfront development. He readily acknowledged that being able to demonstrate effective operation and integration of the development would be an advantage in the bidding process. Keen to pursue the marina development opportunity but aware of both the short response timeframe and the complexities of the concession terms, Kountouris identified the need for specialist marina advice to support his bid. In addition to the public coastal amenities, the concession tender called for a comprehensive masterplan and business case presentation that in turn was required to support the financial bid for the concession. At this point he turned to Marina Projects Ltd, which had past success in coordinating large mixed-use waterfront and marina developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, such as Porto Montenegro and Portonovi in Montenegro, and aiding the Manoel Island waterfront masterplan in Malta with architects Foster & Partners. As the Paralimni waterfront development Paralimni Marina masterplan. would require a seasoned architectural practice to bring forward the landside components of the scheme, to include 17,000m² (182,986ft²) of building development and an integrated solution for the waterfront, past experience of working in synergy with masterplan architects was considered essential. With only a few weeks to formally submit a comprehensive and conforming bid, focus turned toward the demands of the concession tender documents. The concession tender A concession tender process is quite often akin to the strategic planning phase of most large development projects - establishing the primary aspirations and demands of both the concessionaire (in this case a government body responsible for tourism and commerce) and of the private investor looking for a return - while finding a route agreeable to both parties. Importantly in the case of this concession, it was here that key parameters and outputs for the project were established, setting the foundation for subsequent design stages. In this sense, changing course after the strategic planning stage and tender submission can become quite problematic. A robust strategy during this early tender stage is therefore essential. - September/October 2019 23

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