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September October 2019 Marina World

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Povoação, São Miguel

Povoação, São Miguel (Azores) Cascais, PORTUGAL +351 214 692 024 Barcelona, SPAIN +34 933 601 101 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL +55 21 3942 8828 ® NEW in 2019 BLUE STAR MARINA CERTIFICATION Svendborg Havn, Denmark 4 stars awarded Composite Timber Decking ULTRA DECK RESIST Available in 150mm x 3660mm ULTRA DECK ECO Available in 2 widths: 146mm/295mm x 3660mm Fibreglass Marina Decking DURA GRATING MINI MESH Available thicknesses: 14 mm, 22mm, 30mm and 38mm Harvest Oak Smoked Ash Teak Charcoal Stone Sand Green Grey Teak Ultra Deck is the ideal alternative to traditional wood and is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Fibreglass Dura Grating offers superb anti-slip properties and is ideal for pontoons, fingers, jetties, entrance gangways, mooring pontoons and piers. Resists Load Resists Slips Resists Fire Resists Fade Resists Absorption Resists Stains Resists Expansion High Strength Resists Slips Low Maintenance Quick Install Resists Corrosion Tel: +44 (0)1255 440297 Email:

PONTOON/DOCK SYSTEMS & ACCESSORIES Guardian on the docks The Guardian, a highly visible and resilient lifebuoy housing, is now available from US company Glasdon. Manufactured from robust and corrosion-resistant Durapol material, the Guardian housing is built to last, and to resist theft and vandalism. All safety equipment stored inside the casing is protected from UV degradation, reducing the frequency of costly life ring replacement. Available in a choice of two sizes with a range of fixing options (post, rail and wall mountings), the Guardian offers flexibility to house the most appropriately sized buoy to the risk area. The life ring cabinets incorporate built-in security and inspection features, including the Ropemaster quick release rope management system. This aids quick and easy deployment of the life preserver ring and rope in an emergency. The cabinets also include a usage indicator for speedy inspection, easy to follow instructions and security seals. As an optional extra, Glasdon offers personalised external decals with additional instructions or warnings, along with your marina or authority branding. E: Diverse products for multi-national projects Although well used to despatching a steady number of pontoons from its various international manufacturing sites on a regular basis, Marinetek hit rush hour earlier this year when factories in Malaysia, Latvia and Abu Dhabi met the challenge of delivering to schedule for projects in the Caribbean, Vietnam and the Middle East. In the Middle East, an amazing number of 290 large Marinetek Super Yacht and Premier pontoons, ordered for a regional mega-project and measuring up to 5m x 20m (16ft x 66ft), were cast in just six months. Ana Marina (above) in Nha Trang, Vietnam, meanwhile received 77 pontoons direct from Pasir Gudang in Malaysia. This represented one of Marinetek’s largest single pontoon shipments to date and comprised a mix of seven CE label for Poralu Poralu Marine has been awarded EN 1090-3 certification for its production of aluminium structures. This means it can badge its product with the ‘CE’ label, which is particularly important for products such as aluminium foot bridges that are subject to significant technical and regulatory constraints. The CE label is recognised worldwide, which gives Poralu a competitive advantage as it exports 80% of its products. It will help the company meet market standards more easily as over 30% of public tenders require this certification, and also enables project owners to have ten-year warranties on their purchases. different pontoon types including Super Yacht pontoons for a fuel dock and a breakwater. The Latvian facility played its part by shipping out a total of 49 Premier pontoons and fingers, including Super Yacht fingers, for the 90-berth extension at Camper & Nicholsons’ Port Louis Marina in the Caribbean, which is now well underway. E: Poralu was able to recently win the bid to design and manufacture an aluminium bridge for the Aliso River in Saint-Florent, Corsica because if offered the CE credential. The company will work with GMS and Corsica Driving to build the 94m (308ft) long structure, which has a 50m (164ft) span without support. E: - September/October 2019 53

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