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2016 Jan Feb Marina World

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Since 1992 High holding?

Since 1992 High holding? Clean look? Environmentally friendly? You bet! Telephone (North America): 1-844-771-7159 International: +1 207-489-9345 Fax: +1 207-489-9346 Email: Quality solutions for any size marina. Tel: (+1) 305 300-9596 Miami, Florida, USA MW2016JanFeb.indd 40 05/01/2016 09:34:57

PLANNING & DESIGN Spare floats used as party barges at Westpoint Harbor are popular with slip holders. Randy Mason, principal engineer, Anchor QEA. Mason is a consulting engineer for marina and site development, sea walls and upland civil engineering: It’s important to know the planned landside uses now so that in the future the waterspace can accommodate those facilities efficiently. Get a good hydrographic and topographic survey so you can design for the most efficient utilisation of your waterspace. Know Randy Mason: “It’s important to know the planned landside uses now so that in the future the waterspace can accommodate those facilities efficiently.” your property, bulkhead, pierhead and project lines, since these may limit the extent to which a marina can be built adjacent to navigable channels, and check to see if these lines have been recently amended by a local jurisdiction. With some ingenuity, you may find you have more space in the marina and can build more slips than you thought. RW: There is a great deal of focus on larger slips for ever bigger vessels but marinas still need to accommodate small boats. What’s the best way to approach this? Randy Mason: Some states have guidelines to preserve slips for small boats, generally 30 feet and under. One way to mitigate that is to build dry storage to achieve a wet-slip mix with larger boats. To be viable on its own, dry storage needs to accommodate approximately 250 boats. Robert Wilkes writes about the marina industry from Bellevue, WA, USA. Pride of place within a waterfront regeneration project, Combarro Marina in Galicia, Spain, was designed to suit a broad variety of customers and sit well within its urban and natural surroundings. The grass roots approach to creating marinas by Oscar Siches The Book of Genesis tells us that on the third day of creation, God made the land rise above the water, and it was called the earth, and the waters were called the sea, and He filled the earth with plants bearing seeds and trees bearing fruits. On the sixth day, God created the living creatures of the earth and man in his own image, and He gave man dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over everything that happens. That includes marinas. This is not part of any revelation, ecstasy or catharsis recently experienced. On the contrary, designing, evaluating or operating marinas means going back to grass roots and taking a totally Socratic approach to understanding the complexity of factors that make a marina successful today. When a future marina owner starts a new project he does so with a seemingly invincible creative streak, when dealing with the earth and the seas and the birds and the plants and men. But times have changed, and other men have a huge influence on our developer. The basics Marinas, as such, emerged in the 1960s. Oscar Siches Before then, you could only berth a yacht at a memberonly yacht club. There is dispute as to which was the first and, hence, is the oldest - either the Neva Club in St. Petersburg, Russia (1718) or the Royal - January/February 2016 41 MW2016JanFeb.indd 41 05/01/2016 09:35:56

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