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2016 Mar Apr Marina World

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Photo: Aaron Jilall SF

Photo: Aaron Jilall SF Marina has been building and installing floating breakwaters and pontoons for marinas worldwide since 1918. We are committed to finding the best solution for every site. The beautiful Linton Bay Marina in Panama, with its SF Marina concrete pontoons and fingers, is one of our most recent success stories. Postal address: SF Marina System AB, Propellergangen 4, 417 64 Goteborg, Sweden Telephone: + 46 31 779 07 65 e-mail: web:

Marina World March/April 2016 Vol.16, No.4 21 CONTENTS World News 7 Talking Shop 21 Brett Bolton, CEO of Australian marina group d’Albora Marinas, talks about adding value and adapting to trends 39 Training, Education & Certification 29 Oscar Siches discusses the finer points of training, education and certification and how they complement each other; fire and pollution exercises; GMI and PIANC sign MOU; the launch of The Marine Foundation Dockside Products 39 New products, projects and installations around the world 53 Talking Shop 53 Glen Cove Marina is a hidden gem in California’s San Francisco Bay. Charlotte Niemiec invited harbourmaster Rachel O’Keefe to talk shop Products & Services 56 Front cover: The 2016 Miami International Boat Show was the launch pad for an award-winning floating pontoon innovation. The entire marina was built in just 40 days using Bellingham Marine’s new portable timber dock system. Read more on p.59. Photo: Neil Rabinowitz - March/April 2016 3

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