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2016 Mar Apr Marina World

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REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS Dana Point Harbor Revitalization ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA A rare and unique opportunity to revitalize, redevelop, and operate Dana Point Harbor The County of Orange, California is offering a rare and unique opportunity to revitalize, redevelop, and operate portions of Dana Point Harbor under the terms of a 50- year master ground lease. The County is soliciting Statements of Qualifi cations from private real estate development teams, who could be selected to participate in an upcoming Request for Proposal process, to carry out the revitalization of the Harbor by designing, permitting, funding, constructing, renovating, operating, and maintaining portions of the Harbor both on the land and in the water. For additional information please visit

TRAINING, EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION in explaining to an engineer that the result of his calculations must achieve just that. That people will not admire a high breakwater protecting them from hurricanes if that wall blocks the view, because tens of thousands of Margaritas or Daiquiris will mean nothing without a sunset. But if you know why the wall must be there, how the necessary height is calculated and which type of breakwater will work better in each situation, finding a compromise will be much easier. Of course, this level of knowledge is only needed by a manager or director, but there is useful knowledge for all employee levels, like safety procedures, first aid practices, recycling or communication skills. The same applies to accounting. The main purpose of a business is to make money. When providing a social service and having to deal with very subjective factors, intangible costs such as a child care area, underwater illumination or free newspapers could seem superfluous but will make the difference between outstanding marina service and average service. A marina loses its good name much faster than it takes to climb back to the right standards, and usually it is many small details that generate bad feeling among customers and bring down the marina’s good name. When marina operators (at all levels) are trained in the core subjects of the business, they can assess every situation faster and better. And by receiving a homogeneous level of attention, the customers will not only feel helped but also protected. They will not prefer to be helped by employee A or B or F as everybody is good. This makes them feel comfortable and valued, and at home away from home. Training This is missing in most organisations. Courses are given. People are educated. But the missing link is how to get that new knowledge out in the field. Here’s a simple analogy: can you imagine doing only the theory lessons in order to get your driving licence? At a higher level, newly qualified doctors must help experienced doctors before they can treat patients themselves. Pilots must fly accompanied by an instructor, then undertake some hours solo but instructor controlled, before they can fly with passengers. Marinas are full of potential situations when personnel must act almost on mental autopilot. People falling in the water, customer medical emergencies, fire and handling bad weather, are situations that do not often announce themselves and follow Murphy’s law: if it can go wrong at the worst moment, it will. The only way of preparing personnel (and sometimes customers) is by training. Drills can be organised for almost any situation. Customers can participate (e.g. evacuating a building). A fire drill acquires real status with the help of propane burners, which will make the participant feel real heat and choke on the gases if trying to extinguish the fire when approaching it from downwind. These are lessons one does not forget. Other situations include getting a person who is temporarily disabled from a boat. You can stage a fuel spill both on land and in the water (in the water this is done by spreading popcorn on the surface). You can jump in the water fully clothed and bring a shocked person to safety. You can pump out a sinking boat. Most fire brigades are willing to assist with such drills as they would probably be involved if a real situation arose. This adds the knowledge of how long it - March/April 2016 31

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