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2016 Mar Apr Marina World

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City of Antibes Tender

City of Antibes Tender attestation to provide relates to income tax. Finally, notwithstanding communication of the fiscal and social security attestations (if necessary also the income tax attestation), the company in the process of incorporation must communicate the information relating to the financial guarantees and capacities that it will be endowed with for performance of the contract. Group candidacies are permitted. The group proxy and its co-contractors must be joint and several. A single business cannot simultaneously present an individual application and one or more group candidacies. Groups must remain intangible throughout the duration of the consultation. In the event of a response in the form of a group, all of the above-mentioned documents must be provided for each business in the group. The letter of application will specify the identity of the group’s proxy. The powers of attorney given to the proxy to represent its co-contractors will be attached to it. Businesses who wish to present their application in the form of a group of economic operators must each take responsibility for completing and signing the DC1. The other required documents will be supplied by each member of the group. Businesses that have decided to constitute a group of candidacies must choose one of the companies in the group, designated in the DC1 as the proxy, to represent them before the delegating authority and also to coordinate the services performed by group members. The imposed form, after the award, will be the solidarity group. Provided it is authorised to do so by its co-contractors in the DC1, the proxy can sign the public service delegation agreement in the name of all the grouped businesses. According to competition law, the group of businesses must not violate the rules for transparency and free competition. This requirement prohibits the concerned businesses from presenting bids in several guises, acting both as individual applicants and members of one or more groups. To provide proof of the professional, technical and financial capacities of other economic operators on which it is relying to present its application, the applicant presents the same documents relating to this economic operator as those it is required to produce by the awarding authority. In addition, to prove that the capacities of this economic operator are at its disposal to perform the services, the applicant must provide a written undertaking from the economic operator. Any additional document can be sent at the applicant’s discretion, enabling the municipality to better appreciate the applicant’s professional and technical capacities. Before proceeding with analysis of the candidacies, if the municipality observes that documents the presentation of which is required are missing or incomplete, it may require all the relevant applicants to complete their application within an identical period for all. It may require applicants that have not given proof of their legal capacity enabling them to submit their application to regularise their application in the same conditions. It will then inform the other applicants of this requirement, who will be entitled to complete their application within the same period. SECTION IV: PROCEDURE IV.1) Not applicable IV.2) Obtaining the invitation to tender: The invitation to tender is available free of charge on the buyer profile of the Municipality at the following electronic address, as from 24th February 2016: The invitation to tender specifies the modalities for presenting applications and bids, which since this is an open tender, will be submitted simultaneously according to the conditions stipulated in article IV.3. The invitation to tender can be obtained up until the deadline for submitting applications and bids. IV.3) Location for submission of applications and bids: The folders containing the the application and the bid respectively will be sent in a single envelope. This envelope will be sent by registered mail with postal acknowledgement of receipt or delivered in return for a receipt, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12 noon and from 1.30 to 5 pm excluding public holidays, to the following address: Monsieur le Maire Direction de la Commande Publique 12, Place du Général de Gaulle (2e étage) BP 220506606 ANTIBES CEDEX The outer envelope will show the address above, and the following text in the top left-hand corner: VILLE D’ANTIBES DELEGATION DE SERVICE PUBLIC Délégation de service public pour l’exploitation, l’entretien et la gestion du port de plaisance Vauban NE PAS OUVRIR The inner envelope containing the application documents will show only the applicant’s name, together with the words “Pièces de la candidature”. The inner envelope containing the bid documents will show only the applicant’s name, together with the words “Pièces de l’offre”. IV.4) Deadline: Deadline for reception of tenders: Thursday 1st September 2016, at 12 noon. IV.5) Languages that can be used for applications: French. IV.6) Bid selection criteria Bids will be assessed according to the following criteria, which may if necessary be clarified in the tender regulations, in no particular order of priority: – Quality of the Service rendered and resources mobilised to this effect (assessed in particular with regard to the quality of services associated with new technologies; commitment in favour of sustainable development; attractiveness and management of the marina; absolute compliance with labour legislation, particularly with regard to crews); – Quality of the proposed amenities and works in functional and architectural terms, with all of the resulting investments (assessed in particular with regard to how the new future marina is integrated into the existing landscape and environment, especially relating to the old town); – Financial balance of the delegation (assessed in particular with regard to the forecast operating budgets and their credibility, and the proposed prices), and proposed amount of return payments to the municipality; – Quality of consideration devoted to the launch of a costed analysis for limited extension of the infrastructures for very large yachts, in the context of decision support provided to the delegating authority for prospective marina enhancements. SECTION V: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION V.1) The agreement is part of a project or programme financed by community funds No. V.2) Other information Obtaining the forms: Forms DC1, DC2, and NOTI2 are available for free download at Monetary unit: The euro. Visits: Four visits will be organised in April, May, June and July 2016, in order to allow applicants to fully grasp the requirements of the delegation. The dates will be specified in the invitation to tender (DCE - Dossier de Consultation des Entreprises). V.3) Redress procedure Body responsible for redress procedures and service from which information can be obtained concerning the redress procedure: Tribunal administratif de Nice – 33, boulevard Franck Pilatte – BP 4179 – F-06359 Nice – E-mail: – Tel.: +33 (0)4 92 04 13 13 – Fax: +33 (0)4 93 55 78 31 – Web site: V.4) Date of communication of the hereby notice: 15 février 2016. City of Antibes Tender

DOCKSIDE PRODUCTS Protection at the dockside HydroHoist Boat Lifts has introduced a new boat and dock protection package that includes bow guide, corner bumpers, HydroFender and UltraFender. Each product is specifically designed to offer security when entering and leaving the dock and is manufactured from durable polyethylene, the same material used to make HydroHoist boat lift tanks. It is strong yet flexible and will hold up in salt and freshwater conditions. Hollow units are designed to absorb energy and drastically reduce heavy vessel damage. The bow guide aligns the boat or personal watercraft in the slip while offering protection to the keel. The corner bumpers offer peace of mind when pulling into the slip, protecting the vessel from contact with the dock. They Phased refurbishment and expansion The Vrancken brothers, owners of two marinas on the River Maas near the Belgian border in the southern part of the Netherlands, have completed renovations and expansion. Dock accessory products from HydroHoist include the bow guide (top), and corner bumpers and UltraFenders made of a durable, flexible polyethylene material that is suitable for use in both salt and freshwater. have multiple attachment points and fit on docks with both internal and external roof posts. The HydroFender – a high quality dock edge bumper designed to replace a traditional rub rail provides yet further protection – and the UltraFender is ideal for fuel docks and premium slips. Contact HydroHoist in the USA on email: The project, covering 600 berths, is being undertaken in stages. “We have just completed two new jetties and upgraded two others,” Rob Vrancken confirms. From 2016 onwards, the owners will work on four further new jetties offering 350 berths. These will be completed in four stages over a four year period. The remaining jetties will then also receive an upgrade. As the power network as well as the original dock facilities date back to the 1970s, upgrades are essential. Vrancken selected Seijsener’s Harbour In product (right). “We chose Harbour In because it is minimalistic and sleek,” he says. “Furthermore, this in-deck system creates fewer obstacles on the jetties.” And, as a sleek new system needs to be efficiently managed, the owners have also purchased Seijsener’s Kick 3000 power distribution cabinets. “Measuring and managing power consumption via Kick 3000 is a godsend for us when we need to keep over 600 connections in place. Not only can we turn all connections on and off from the harbour office but we can also take the meter readings. We can set the desired amperage at each berth.” The Vrancken brothers went to much effort when planning the marina upgrades and included customer feedback in their final decisions. “Before starting the work, we set up a trial jetty. You can talk a lot about what you want to do in terms of innovation but with a trial jetty guests could immediately see and feel what the docks would be like in the future.” Seijsener is proving to be a valuable partner. “It is an absolute joy working with them on this huge project,” Vrancken notes. “The thought process always takes longer than you expect and they have participated fully and enthusiastically. Seijsener works to reach our perceived goal and understands how we want to achieve it.” Contact Seijsener in the Netherlands on email: - March/April 2016 45

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