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2016 Mar Apr Marina World

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on site Esbjerg Denmark

on site Esbjerg Denmark 2015 2 pontoons 35 x 5,00 meter We build your breakwater wherever you need it Floating breakwaters Commercial pontoons ‘on site’ saving you 30% Save up to 30% YMCA Jetty, UK FLEXIBILITY DURABILITY DESIGN 918.341.6811 | A Division of HydroHoist Marine Group on site Esbjerg Denmark 2015 World Class Design, Manufacture & Installation

DOCKSIDE PRODUCTS Happy customer places follow-up order Pedestals for Hamilton, pump-out for Denarau M-Tech Marine Technologies has supplied 36 of its 1100mm XL marina service pedestals for recently expanded Hamilton Island Marina (above) near the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. The pedestals were manufactured with outlets ranging from 15amp single phase to 63amp three-phase but, with the near future in mind, are internally wired for the introduction of 125amp three-phase outlets. All of the electricity and water outlets are monitored by M-Tech approved meters for primary and sub-billing purposes within Australia. They also feature the new M-Tech 42 Chip 360° LED lamp. In association with Keco, the company also completed manufacture and supply of a phase one state of the art pump-out facility (below) for awardwinning Port Denarau Marina in Fiji. The first batch of units comprises 900 Series 2hp peristaltic dockside pumpouts. Each has a minimum capacity of 30 galls/min, super-efficient motors, stainless steel frames and fasteners, and electronic variable speed drives. M-Tech will continue to expand and perfect its product range throughout 2016 and will be introducing a new department solely dedicated to industrial pumping equipment. Existing products include a cutting edge diagnostic web-based dashboard. The MS1 synchronises data with the M-Tech secure web-based software application. This allows subscribers to monitor and manage equipment from any web-enabled computer or device. Subscribers can manage multiple pumping locations, tanks, floating toilets, or other equipment via a single web page. Integrated Mapping MS1 locations are overlaid using an integrated mapping feature, which provides real-time equipment status. Details and site information can be obtained by mousing over the map or by using the navigation bar. Contact M-Tech in Australia on email: Two years after UK company Maricer completed delivery of a batch of Europa service pedestals to the Banana Island project in Qatar, it has received a follow-up order. The original contract was for mixed specifications, ranging from 16amp single phase outlets through to 250amp three-phase units. All featured antisurge protection and powder coated stainless steel housing. Maricer believes the second order is due to the reliability and durability of the products supplied. Not a single spare part has been requested during two years of continuous service. Production of the new pedestals, ordered as part of a marina expansion phase, is under way and shipment is expected before the end of April. Contact Maricer in the UK on email: - March/April 2016 49

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