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2016 Mar Apr Marina World

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Upon application, permission may be freely granted to copy abstracts of articles on condition that a full reference to the source is given. Printed in the UK by Stephens & George © 2016 Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this magazine does not constitute endorsement of the companies, products and services concerned by Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. The publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising. Northern lights FROM THE EDITOR January opens every year with a flurry of boat shows in the northern hemisphere, each of which hopes to outstrip statistics from previous events. Over just a four-day period (6-9 January), doors opened for shows in New York, Phuket, London and Toronto. Events in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Düsseldorf, Baltimore and Seattle followed before the end of the month. The San Francisco Boat Show was sadly cancelled due to the impact of El Nino weather. The ‘openers’ of the month reported growth and strong sales. The 58 th annual Toronto International Boat Show recorded 70,643 attendees; a 1% increase on 2015. The Toronto show is the largest indoor boat show in North America, covering more than 1,000,000ft² (92,903m²) and is home to the world’s largest indoor lake. It is viewed as an economic barometer of the Canadian marine industry and exhibitors reported strong sales in most categories despite a declining Canadian dollar. The 62 nd London Boat Show closed on 17 January after clocking 90,328 visitors and reporting strong sales for boats and equipment, and the much smaller luxury lifestyle-centric 13 th Phuket International Boat Show reported good growth for an emerging regional market. The event featured over 60 international boat brands and saw a 35% increase in the number of sailing yachts and multihulls exhibited. Superyachts were also a strong focus in response to indications that the Thai Government is looking to open up the superyacht charter market. Of the 5,500 visitors, 45% were international – primarily European and Asian – but ‘robust growth’ was reported for the number of Thai national attendees. The show to steal all shows was boot Düsseldorf, Germany, which welcomed 1,800 exhibitors and 247,000 visitors from 52 countries; a 2.8% increase on 2015. There were over 1,800 boats on display and plenty for watersports enthusiasts in the kitesurfing, diving, fishing and canoeing sectors. At the other end of the price spectrum, a stronger interest in luxury yachts was noted. February heralded further shows in Kuwait, Sweden, the USA (Miami), Thailand, the Netherlands, Finland and more. The Helsinki Boat Show – the largest of its kind in the region – recorded 76,816 visitors - and Boot Holland described its 25 th event as a ‘major success’ despite worrying weather on opening day. It attracted over 37,000 visitors including a higher number of overseas attendees, especially from Germany and Switzerland. On 12 January the Miami International Boat Show was one day into its 75 th anniversary event. In a new home at the Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin and with an impressive floating marina, it welcomed 100,279 attendees from around 35 different countries. This was a 4% increase over 2015 and made a massive economic impact on the local economy. Thom Dammrich, president of show organiser the National Marine Manufacturers’ Association (NMMA), said the new Miami venue was “the ideal location for the best boat show we have hosted to date.” There is still caution in most markets but this level of interest in boating makes for a positive start to 2016. Carol Fulford Editor - March/April 2016 5

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