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2016 Mar Apr Marina World

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Global sales for mooring solution Following its launch in late 2015 and introduction to the international market via Marina World, Pile Ring has received a great many enquiries from marina operators all over the globe confirms Pile Ring managing director, Tony Trueman. One of the most notable new customers is the American Naval Base Sailing Center in Norfolk, Virginia. Pile Ring is a clever, cost-effective mooring solution that really comes into its own at sites that are subject to ever changing tides or storm induced tidal surges, squalls or freak weather systems. Developed in New Zealand as an industry first, Pile Ring is a one-piece flotation device that provides monitorfree mooring with permanently tight lines. It thus protects boats and dock systems in all conditions and also reduces maintenance by alleviating the chafing of mooring lines on pilings and reducing the build up of marine growth. The solution is already being adopted for many southern hemisphere marinas and sales are now building elsewhere. “We are delighted with the response and positive feedback we have received since introducing Pile Ring to a wider international market,” Trueman says. “We were confident that more marina operators would see the added value and operational benefits.” One customer summed up the purchase rationale as follows: “Our purpose for the rings was to provide added value for our slip holders as an additional amenity as well as to protect our investment in the dock systems. Our slips are double slips, meaning that a pile separates the space between two concrete floating finger piers, with a boat on either side of (and sharing) that piling. One side of the boat is secured alongside the pier but boats are almost always also secured to the piling to breast off from the dock a little. “During storms and tidal surges, invariably huge strains come on the piling lines as they are not adjusted. The owners often cannot get to the marina in time to fix the situation and our staff often have to take corrective action before a line parts and docks and boats get damaged. [Pile Ring] provides added security for the boat owner and the marina.” Pile Ring has recently appointed two distributors to service the US and UK markets. Contact Pile Ring in New Zealand on email:, in the UK and Ireland via Hydrosphere on email: and in the USA via Sail La Vie LLC on email: usa. Forklift with hydrostatic drive Marine Travelift officially launched its new M2000 marine forklift with hydrostatic drive at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show in mid- February. According to Jason Johnson, Marine Travelift’s North American director of sales, the new forklift is unique to Marine Travelift. “It enables the operator to have precise and variable control in forward and reverse, which is critical in tight quarters,” he said. The forward-reverse drive selection and speed control is located at the operator’s foot. This means the operator’s hands are free to attend to other operations and, when he or she presses the pedal, the machine responds accordingly. “It’s much more immediate than if you needed to move your foot from the gas pedal to the brake on every manoeuvre,” Johnson explained. “This provides superior load control and speed control, and it’s more simplified than traditional systems.” “We have extensive experience with hydrostatic drive through our Marine Travelift mobile boat hoists and our Shuttlelift mobile gantry cranes,” he continued. “It is important to us that we are able to offer it in the Marine Travelift forklifts also, so we can provide machines to our customers that will enhance ease of operations at their facilities. We’re determined to revolutionise the forklift industry.” The M2000 is available with an upgraded wireless remote for the mast control along with an impressive array of standard features and options, all of which include the latest in marine forklift technology. The company also offers larger capacity marine forklifts, which are currently in operation at facilities around the country. Contact Marine Travelift in WI, USA on email: 56 - March/April 2016

PRODUCTS & SERVICES Rock-free board and launch US company Cellofoam is receiving good reviews for its newly introduced ‘float on, float off’ kayak launching innovation ‘permalaunch’. A customised cradle design that can be mounted to fixed or floating docks, permalaunch takes up minimal water space while enabling easy, safe and stable boarding and launching of canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boats. The vessel, which is partially submerged, sits on three central underwater supports that ensure stability for boarding while providing buoyancy for launch or retrieval. Custom designed hand rails allow the boater to use a paddle to pull the vessel off the launch or guide it in. Two outside underwater braces are set lower in the water to allow the vessel to launch or float back on with minimal effort from the paddler. Available in two colours, tan or grey granite, permalaunch features slip-resistant surfaces and virtually eliminates the rocking back and forth that is the norm when a user is trying to centre in or on the vessel. The open space between the floats is adjustable at installation to allow additional side to side stability based on the widest vessel. Mounting hardware is easy to install and features quiet components. The base unit comes with one set of hand rails so paddlers may leave and return from the same direction. Optional additional hand rails allow paddlers to leave and return from either direction. Optional vertical hand rails are also available for additional stability in boarding or disembarking and to give stand up paddle boarders additional balance. Contact Cellofoam in the USA on email: Slipway Trailers Improve your boathandling Roodberg P: +31 (0) 513 52 13 13 E: - March/April 2016 57

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