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2016 May June Marina World

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SUPERYACHT FACILITIES Alessandro Menozzi Home from home in scenic Liguria The development of Porto Mirabello in Liguria, Italy, owes much to radical thinking. Offering top notch resort services and 1,107 berths, it is one of the best marinas in the Tyrrhenian Sea. As the highest number of superyacht yards in Italy are to be found in a stretch from Genoa to Livorno, it is perfectly located and it also benefits from a tax incentive as it is officially recognised as a marina ‘resort’. In Liguria this means it enjoys 10% VAT status, a benefit only available in a few Italian regions. Donatella Zucca reports Located on a purpose-built artificial island off the city of La Spezia, Porto Mirabello helps fuse great yachting opportunities with the strong coastal seafaring and shipbuilding traditions of Lunigiana, an area that is a cocktail of natural, historic and artistic influences from both Liguria and Tuscany. Porto Mirabello took just two years to build and opened with a 60-year state concession in 2010. It is a crown jewel for the city and is connected to the mainland via Thaon Revel, a 156m (512ft) long scenic bridge. The project was realised so swiftly thanks to Alessandro Menozzi, CEO and major shareholder of Industrie Turistiche Nautiche SpA (ITN), the builder/operator of Porto Mirabello. ITN adopted the development from the beginning, defied the economic crisis and slow bureaucracy, and built a marina that had been mooted 40 years earlier as part of a regional regeneration plan. ITN’s Emilia-based entrepreneurs invested around €140 million in its unique construction. It is the only marina in Italy to be created entirely on water and is thus able to offer large berths and generous slip access; a welcome comfort for both guests and operators. Its 10% VAT concession also makes it far more financially attractive to visitors. Generous infrastructure Harmony, best technology, space and safety are key elements in the design. The principal docks stretch from 25 to 35m (82 to 115ft) in width and water depth varies from 5 to 8m (16 to 26ft) according to area and size of mooring. Vessels of 12 to 130m (39 to 426ft) can be accommodated at varying pontoons or newly installed Ingemar fixed wharves. The nautical infrastructure and waterfront property are a harmonious blend of hightech elements and natural products like wood and other local materials. Safety is ensured by a 620m (2,034ft) breakwater, positioned two miles away on a west/east axis to protect the marina entrance. The marina is divided into two sections. The first has 407 berths, around 100 of which were built specifically for superyachts of 40 to 130m (131 to 426ft). Thirteen of the berths, for yachts above 50m (164ft), are positioned on the outer side of the main pier. The second section, offering 700 berths for boats under 14m (46ft), was developed in cooperation with the Port Authority and is arranged with 13 floating docks also situated on the outside edge of the main pier. 26 - May/June 2016

SUPERYACHT FACILITIES Varied services Porto Mirabello is unsurprisingly strong on services, offering video surveillance, Wi-Fi and two good fuel docks. It has ample car parking, restaurants, bars and a shopping arcade with 30 shops, and staff in the marina office provide high levels of customer service. Luxury is enhanced by a 25m (82ft) swimming pool, a large solarium, a yacht club and a heliport on the main pier. The latter is extremely unusual in Liguria due to the mountainous terrain. Large fixed piers purposely designed for superyachts reflect its commitment to the large yacht sector and a sophisticated security system with remote monitoring gives captains and owners peace of mind. This is further augmented by the fact that the marina shares its border with a military site. Superyachts have immediate access to high speed diesel refuelling at the main dock, which delivers at 500 litres/ min (110 gallons/min) and unleaded petrol and diesel fuel is also dispensed at a service station. Reserved access, parking spaces and nearby garages are all available for superyacht use. The concierge offers personalised services for owners and crew, such as helicopter flights, courtesy cars and shuttles to and from the international airports and nearby airstrips for private jets. Local companies specialising in crew services are located on the main bridges. In addition to parking spaces immediately in front of each berth, there are 1,300 covered and open parking spaces and a garage for 287 vehicles. The onsite yard can haul and launch vessels up to 700 tons and offers plenty of boat storage space, a sail repair service, steel and glass fibre hull repair workshops and other traditional repairs and services. A dedicated team is available every day of the year to help with any boating problems. Enhancing visitor experience Porto Mirabello offers extra services and lowest fees for seasonal guests and takes great pride in protecting the environment. Marina staff will help visitors rent scooters, bicycles, luxury cars, courtesy electric cars etc., and catering services are available for onboard dining. Via the local helicharter companies, visitors can access places of special interest as well as airports. The marina has partnered with a loan company to develop a customised funding formula called Easy Berth that protects mooring fees from price list increases. Mirabello has drafted guidelines for boat owners to encourage them to follow best practice when it comes to the environment in the marina and out at sea and since 2014 it has held a Blue Flag for tourist ports. Maximum environmental compliance is also being adopted in the ongoing construction of a complex of 11 luxury visitor suites, which have views across the Gulf of Poets and the city of La Spezia. Speaking to Menozzi President and entrepreneur Alessandro Menozzi has an excellent team at Porto Mirabello, including manager Daniela Pellini who took over direction of the marina in 2009 after 16 years at Porto Lotti, and vice president Massimo Caltelli who brings extensive shipbuilding and offshore experience. Porto Mirabello, located as it is within a popular tourist spot, is always likely to appeal to visitors but Menozzi seeks permanent berth holders as the first priority. “Our vocation is to be a home port and to work with crews and owners all year round,” he says, confirming that 60% of berths are already occupied by long term berth holders and around 15% taken up by visitors. In order to create a home from home, the marina’s most important mission in coming years will be security but enhancing leisure facilities is also high on the agenda. “This summer we will open an English pub to add to our other amenities. I personally went to England to find out how to set this up properly so that the crews of large yachts, who are mostly British, can have a real pub experience. Also, in September, we are opening a captains-only gym and we are also creating a crew concierge to offer contacts and services specifically to crew members to make them feel at home.” Supplies for large yachts are also available but less of a personal mission. “Last year we opened Versilia Supply Service,” Menozzi confirms. “However, supplies are not a business for us. We prefer customers to choose their own.” - May/June 2016 27

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