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2016 May June Marina World

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Barefoot comfort. No maintenance. Brilliant. PermaTimber® Composite Decking PermaStruct® FRP Mesh Grating Safe marina decking. Contact today for a bespoke solution. Perma Industrial Marine Timber Experts ® +61 8 6222 6681 | on site Esbjerg Denmark 2015 2 pontoons 35 x 5,00 meter We build your breakwater wherever you need it Floating breakwaters Commercial pontoons ‘on site’ saving you 30% Save up to 30% YMCA Jetty, UK MARINA BOATYARD BOAT REPAIR CENTER FUEL STATION Successful Marina by Comprehensive Business Management Software System for your marine business. Fully adaptable to your specific business needs and already existing systems. MARINE SHOP DIVING SHOP POINT OF SALE BOAT CHARTER

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Easily viewed on an iPad, Marina Master CRM software streamlines operations leaving staff with more time to focus on talking to customers and organising activities. Creating a new CRM culture Marina Master CRM, the Customer Relationship Management system developed by IRM of Slovenia, is designed to change the way marinas operate. It improves the management process for managers and staff but also improves the customer experience to give long term satisfaction and foster loyalty. The innovative modules, advanced services and cloud-based options are part of ongoing development of a customised solution that takes customer needs and requests into account; a vitally important factor in the rapidly changing marina environment. “Visiting a marina shouldn’t be about urgently needing to find a berth, fuel and a water pump, but an unforgettable holiday experience,” says Marina Master president, Tone Britovsek. Today’s customers expect better service and are looking for more personalised, rather than generic, solutions to meet their needs. They are more easily disappointed, are becoming more demanding in terms of digital technology and are more likely to switch from one marina to another. “Getting new customers is five to ten times more expensive than keeping existing ones,” warns Marina Master CEO, Irena Cadez. “If a marina wants to grow in a competitive market it needs to focus on its customers, systematically following them and understanding their needs in order to achieve long-term customer relationships.” The CRM works for both staff and customers. Marina customers receive added value and benefits because they can communicate freely and flexibly with the marina. They can order basic services (check in, check out, payment per consumption) or extended services according to their individual needs and expectations (boat lifting or just newspaper on arrival) anytime and anywhere, quickly and simply from their mobile or tablet. Consequently, they have more time to sail and to enjoy holiday services, which leads to long-term satisfaction and a good relationship with the marina. They can also benefit from added value extras such as boat sharing, berth sharing, yacht club membership and other services. Marina staff benefit because they don’t need to check boat movements manually, enter new data, extend contracts and undertake other time consuming tasks as these are now automated. They have a complete overview of customer data, history and future reservations, internal/ informal notes and alarms, and can communicate easily with customers through email and SMS via a mobile device. Staff can organise campaigns and other marketing activities and thus have more time for added value activities and to talk to customers; an important investment when trying to improve relationships. Finally, the new CRM approach will improve marina management from the owner’s and manager’s point of view, offering complete control of marina operations and a real-time business overview of critical data (auditing trail, cash flow, statistics) from the personalised Marina Master interface anytime, anywhere, from any device. There is even a cloud-based solution. This results in improved processes, a rise in productivity, increased marina income and better branding. “The marina management solution that is flexible enough to develop continuously according to the needs of a marina and the latest trends will boost its competitive advantage and improve its reputation among existing and potential customers,” Britovsek concludes. Contact IRM in Slovenia on email: - May/June 2016 47

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