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2016 May June Marina World

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Energy efficient lighting Private marina invests in Badger dredger Rose City Yacht Club (above), an established private marina and social club on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon has put a new Badger class dredger from Louisiana-based DSC Dredge into service. The machine was purchased by the club to replace an older dredger in use for over 20 years. The Badger is an 8in (20cm) cutter suction conventional style machine whose compact size and manoeuvrability are ideally suited to marina operations. Its Metso pump produces more than enough volume of material and static head to accommodate the parameters required by the marina. With a working width of just under 10ft (3m) and an overall length of 54ft (16.4m) including ladder, the dredger can operate in spaces not accessible by larger vessels but can still dig to a depth of 20ft (6m) at a 60° down angle on the ladder. The lateral cut at maximum depth is approximately 50ft (15m). The Badger removes and pumps material from the marina’s slips and fairways to a holding pond where the water is decanted off. The remaining spoil is mixed and used for landscaping fill. At Rose City, as at many other marinas, siltation and sand build-up are ongoing problems. Spring run-off on the Columbia – the largest river on the west coast of North America – causes the majority of its siltation challenges. Dredging is the only solution but it is nonetheless unusual for a private marina to invest in its own brand new dredger. Rose City Yacht Club members have conducted their own dredging on a volunteer basis since 1988 when the original dredger was purchased. When this reached the end of its life, club members determined that the annual cost of a replacement - year on year over service lifespan - was actually 90% less than that of hiring out just one year of dredging services. The club undertakes dredging activities from November through to February every year and DSC delivered the new Badger in early November in time to provide a week of hands-on training. The dredger has been named ‘J. Randall’ in honour of club member, Jerry Randall, who convinced members more than 20 years ago that dredging was necessary for the site and that member-conducted dredging was the best option. Contact DSC Dredge, LLC in LA, USA on email: Solar powered illuminated bollards, installed by Solispost to enhance safety at a popular quayside in Devon, UK, are ideal for use at marina sites especially in areas where electricity supply is unavailable. Solispost bollards are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and extremes of temperature, and to give long service life with minimum maintenance. The post is manufactured from high quality aluminium that is etch primed before being powder coated to give a durable finish. It is guaranteed against fading for ten years. The end caps are also powder coated aluminium. Rubber seals ensure the caps and PV panels remain watertight and the bollard is secured using a galvanised steel base plate, which is guaranteed rust-proof. The IP rating, at 65, provides total protection against dust and water jets from all directions. First launched in spring 2015 following two years of technical R&D, the Solispost gives bright light even when located in areas with little sunshine. Two levels of illumination are provided; a continuous low level from dusk to dawn that increases when sensors detect that someone is approaching. This not only makes efficient use of the solar energy generated but also minimises light pollution. Solispost bollards are easily installed (no electrical connection means no trenching and making good) and are of attractive contemporary design. Contact Solispost in the UK on email: Solispost bollards installed at Lympstone Quay on the Exe estuary in the UK are a reliable, low cost option for safety lighting. - May/June 2016 59

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