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2016 September October Marina World

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WORLDWIDE FLOATING SOLUTIONS WITH THE SUPERIOR TOUCH 70m Floating UMD Starting Platform ITU World Triathalon Gold Coast, Qld Superior designs and supplies custom solutions for marina needs worldwide. +61 7 5594 8200

TALKING SHOP Close-up view of Sanya Serenity Marina, a venue for serious yachting events. proactive and considered manner. The main objective has to be to reduce the sailing times between marinas and provide a greater number of safe destinations with the appropriate level of services. At this moment in time, much of the region depends, and will continue to depend, upon transient business. Let us help the local politicians to encourage that, as facility-led domestic markets will take a number of years to develop before they can support ‘homeport’ marinas for locally owned vessels. New marinas also need the support of charter vessels to attract both local and international sailors. Good marinas in key locations are needed to provide the necessary network, and 500 to 1,000 berth marinas with exclusive yacht clubs are not the answer, 50 to 200 berth marinas are. There are existing facilities in Southeast Asia which can be improved, and improved cost-effectively. Many of us can design a marina, but there are not so many of us who can integrate that design into a development in a specific location and make it a viable business. It’s a time for marina consultants and operators like ourselves to work collaboratively with MIAs, governments, property developers and other industry players to improve, build and boost yachting in the region. A team effort with experienced guidance and global marketing efforts is a must-do. C&N Marinas has yet to find the right project to suit its brand but, with all the current marinas due to launch in 2017 and beyond, and with bids in on several projects in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam, the right opportunity to manage a top quality marina in Asia is just around the corner. - September/October 2016 21

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