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2016 September October Marina World

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The Ultimate in Marina Management Software • Single or Multi-site • On premise or online • Multi-lingual support • Full Multi-currency transaction processing and reporting • Advanced contact relationship management – includes membership • Berthing efficiency and occupancy reporting • Deferred revenue and forecast analysis Options include: • Synchronisation with MS CRM (on premise or online service) • Integrated Website Bookings • Boat Yard Manager Handles all plant and job scheduling • Integrated EPoS •Pedestal integration (including Rolec, Meter-MACS, et al) •Dockside Manager Real time Smartphone or tablet connection Call us on: +44 (0)1923 246414 Email: or visit our website: Providing Solutions for Marinas Worldwide Lifts Up To 120 Tons High Speed, High Torque Sea Drive Gearboxes 6061 T6 Aluminum Welded Construction & Stainless Hardware WWW.GOLDENBOATLIFTS.COM 1-888-909-5438

FINANCING, VALUATION & INSURANCE regarding the core business operation. If the responsibility remains in the hands of ‘marina guys’ or ‘shipyard guys’, you will be comfortable when making necessary operational decisions. The Excel sheet will be a very important part of the project for certain, but not the only important part. If you focus solely on your spreadsheet, the investment money you borrow may become too expensive. For marinas running under state concessions, the ideal situation is if the lease paid to the government has a fixed and a variable part, e.g. ,000 per year plus 15% of the turnover. This has the advantage of having the government ‘on board’ and forced to understand the business from a closer position. Irrespective of the ownership situation, be sure your market study is a down to earth exercise (try to have it done by external professionals) and not a wishful thinking exercise. Allow room for unforeseeable circumstances and play things down on your side as it is very hard to climb back up the ladder if you fall. There is a price for a certain berth in a certain place. Users may agree to pay a bit above market price to be there, but that’s the limit. During an unofficial discussion at WMC 2014 in Istanbul, seasoned marina managers agreed that the limit a user will pay is 15% above market price. The managers Developed by underwriters Stephen Loader and Holley Pizzey, who were recruited by Markel towards the end of 2015, the policies are available globally via local insurance brokers. Offering global insurance is no mean feat and Loader and Pizzey have made best use of their combined knowledge of different local conditions and legal regulations. Both are experienced in writing insurance at an international level. The policies are available in several languages, with more to come, and are designed to work with the specific national legal jurisdiction under which each marina and boatyard operates. The Markel team has recognised that marinas need to be increasingly flexible in the services and facilities were from the USA, Australia, Turkey and Italy. If your season is six months, use the four really busy ones for your financial planning. Be cautious. This is the data that should go in the business plan that will be presented to the bank to get financing. Keep a finance cushion. In some cases you will need it and, if not, it helps you sleep at night. Valuation Several different scenarios need to be examined when it comes to valuation. The lease or ground rent is the first starter. Is it freehold? Is it PPP? Is it they offer, as boat owners and yacht captains are now selective and sophisticated in their choice of marina. The team insists that before boat owners entrust their vessels to a marina they often check that the marina’s insurance policy is comprehensive, covers the full range of activities offered, is placed with a highly rated insurer and has substantial limits. Having had personal international experience of a wide variety of claims and with a wealth of knowledge in underwriting marine businesses, Markel is happy to share its expertise and places great emphasis on face-to-face meetings and the development of true working relationships. Stephen Loader and Holley Pizzey will be eager to discuss insurance at mixed (i.e. owning the land but leasing the water area)? It is not difficult to calculate these values and costs, but the concessions have to remember that from 100% value on Day 1, they will probably reduce to 5% value on the day the concession finishes. The value of such marinas technically changes every day because there is an end date on which business ceases or is renegotiated. The extra facilities and services are therefore the elements that can add performing assets to the formula (restaurants, commercial space and Markel launches global insurance programme The London-based Lloyd’s insurance syndicate and international insurer Markel International has launched a new range of bespoke marina and marine trades insurance products. the networking events and breakout sessions at the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference (IWMC) 2016 in Amsterdam in November. Find out more on and contact Stephen Loader on email: - September/October 2016 51

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