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2017 July August Marina World

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WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS Structurmarine installed floating dock systems for 13 different berthing areas using a mix of dock, anchoring and access systems. end of October 2016 and installed this past May. In other words, all design, construction and shipping - including any delays in customs - had to happen very quickly. “That schedule was challenging,” Nolet states. “Structurmarine had to be very flexible in design - at one point there were changes to the design on a weekly basis.” “But everyone joined together,” she adds. Giroux is quick to confirm. “It was thrilling for everyone here to work on such a prestigious event. It’s a privilege to have our name associated with such an event.” “Enthusiasm ran throughout the island as the demand for superyacht berths surpassed the available slips,” says Giroux. “The government rented out available waterfront on the island and private projects arose as the government eased the permit process to create enough berths in time for the event.” As stated, the docks and infrastructure were meant to be temporary, but there is now some evidence of local enthusiasm for keeping up the site for future use. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to garnering public input and support for the new island and surrounding area. As Winfield explains, “Bermuda’s economy has for many years relied on two primary economic pillars, tourism and international business with a focus on global reinsurance. The international exposure Bermuda has enjoyed in the last two years and particularly during the month-long events of the 35th America’s Cup, has allowed the island to rebrand and launch to a huge market, the quality destination that it is. This in itself is highly beneficial to Bermuda as a quality tourist destination and the economic benefit will last for several years to come.” - July/August 2017 25

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