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2017 July August Marina World

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Custom design Quality

Custom design Quality design Increase your business intelligence Built around with your Pacsoft needs Marina, Quality product Boatyard & Shipyard management software The PacsoftNG System is the most comprehensive marina and boatyard management system available. It allows you to streamline marina operations enabling maximisation of revenue opportunities, providing insights and analysis. Make the Wise decision Our integrated software solution features a wide range of tools including the following: › Visual Marina & Boatyard › Haulout and Yard Management slipways, › Mobile Wise Boat Device Hoists Enabled can travel › Smart Invoicing & Account throughout › Marina the boat and Drystack yard or marina. Booking Processing They can and even Management load trailers and trucks. At Wise › we Business utilise only Process the best Wizards materials ...... and much much more! in the construction of all hoist components. Particular emphasis is made on increasing durability and reducing maintenance costs. Wise Handling Limited Marina, Boatyard & Shipyard Tel: +44 Management (0)1535 Software 272 Solutions 033 United Kingdom/Europe Richard Dowland +44 (0) 845 518 6272 United States of America Jay Walsh 770 - 686 - 6910 Supporting all the needs of your business to maximise growth. Head Office Chris Thomas +64 (9) 379 7260 Pacsoft Marina World Half Page July 17.indd 1 3/07/17 10:17 AM We build your breakwater wherever you need it Save up to 30% WE CHALLENGE YOU TO TEST OUR PEDESTALS +31-75-6810 610 610

Seven questions for your software company With all the change that has taken place in the marina software industry over the last few years, US-based Scribble Software believes that it can be hard for marinas to distinguish between good change and bad change, and to decide which software company is most suited to their needs. To help marinas navigate their search, the company poses seven questions it believes marinas should be asking. u How long has the company been in business? “No offence to the new guys, but longevity in software companies is important. The last thing you want to do is pay thousands of dollars for software and then not have any support because the company went out of business or be wondering who you’re supposed to call because there’s a new owner.” v Has the company added to its product line over the past year? “That’s right – one year. Companies that are adding to their product line on a regular basis are companies that are listening to their customers and keeping up with technology.” w Has the company published a new release of their software, say, every year? “It’s important to know that your software will be updated, maintained, improved upon.” x Are online services and expansion to mobile devices offered? “Let’s face it. The world is moving to the internet. That means you’re going to need online services like online bill pay and document signature capture. Make sure the software company you choose is moving ahead with the times and offering software Apps that you can use anywhere.” y Does the product line meet your current and future needs? “It’s great to do reservations well, but it’s even better if that reservation software will connect seamlessly with your point-ofsale, launch, service and fuel software. Getting all your needs met with one software company isn’t easy, but it’s also not too much to ask for. And even if Custom design Built around your needs MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE you don’t currently have a restaurant on your property, you should still consider your future plans. Does the software company have options for your future expansion?” z Has the company added to its support team in the last year or two? “Besides having a great product, all software companies should have a solid and growing support team. Everyone needs support from time to time, and you want to know you will be in good hands when you need it. Ask for the date of their last support team member hire.” { Do they care about you? “This one might be hard to figure out at first. Start by looking at the answers to the above questions. If you answered yes to those questions, then most likely you’re looking at a company that cares about its customers.” E: Quality design Quality product Make the Wise decision slipways, Wise Boat Hoists can travel throughout the boat yard or marina. They can even load trailers and trucks. At Wise we utilise only the best materials in the construction of all hoist components. Particular emphasis is made on increasing durability and reducing maintenance costs. Wise Handling Limited Tel: +44 (0)1535 272 033 - July/August 2017 51

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