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2017 July August Marina World

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DockMaster ‘returns’ under new partnership deal MyTaskit, the US organisation known for its comprehensive task coordination and business management software solutions, has entered into a formal partnership with Valsoft, a Canadian company specialising in the acquisition and development of vertical market software companies. The partnership aims to provide expanded software solutions to the marine industry, with DockMaster - the well-regarded marine business management software - at the core. Since 2015, DockMaster has been known as the operations module of MyTaskit Pro. As part of the new partnership, DockMaster will once again be a stand-alone branded product. The business alliance gives Valsoft the rights to the DockMaster brand and intellectual property, as well as operation of DockMaster products and services. The MyTaskit and DockMaster teams will work together daily, ensuring the partnership results in continued strategic development, deployment, support and integration of both DockMaster and MyTaskit Pro software products. Cam Collins, previously senior vice president at MyTaskit, has been named president of DockMaster, and will continue in this role as the leading executive of operations. Additionally, Kevin Hutchinson, CEO and founder of MyTaskit, is joining Valsoft’s board of advisors. Hutchinson says the partnership is aimed at continued growth and enhanced product development. “When Valsoft approached us, they were looking to invest in the continued success of our marine software products,” Hutchinson said. “As our discussions evolved, we found that by committing to a strategic collaboration, we would be able to grow the capabilities and demand for both of our products. This partnership focuses on delivering more extensive product solutions to our existing customers and the marine industry as a whole, while also opening up opportunities to partner with other niche marine software providers.” Valsoft CEO Ouissam “Sam” Youssef said his company is looking forward to a long-term partnership with MyTaskit. “We approached Mr. Hutchinson about a partnership between our two companies to bring back the DockMaster brand and invest in the marine industry software leader. We will carry on Kevin and his team’s legacy of 100% customer success. We will continue to work closely with Kevin, Cam and the entire MyTaskit and DockMaster team to make sure our customers have all the tools they need to compete in today’s technology era.” Valsoft and MyTaskit have additionally formed a co-marketing relationship for MyTaskit Pro’s coordination product, a task coordination software solution for marine service companies. This agreement will support the continued data integration between DockMaster and MyTaskit Pro, and both companies expect future software integrations and product enhancements to follow. E: Digital transformation for modern marinas “Technology has profoundly changed the way we live, work and do business and marinas are obviously no exception to this rule. In order to stay in business, we have to embrace change and adapt to new market trends,” says the Croatiabased Marinacloud team. This is the philosophy and motivation behind the Marinacloud project, launched at METS 2016 and enjoying growing interest month on month. The software has been developed by a team of experienced marina managers and IT engineers who have spent years modelling the best operational procedures of a successful marina in the digital age. “Our goal was not to create ‘yet another marina software package’, but to provide a complete digital transformation of the way marinas do business in the modern age,” explains Marinacloud founder and CEO Kresimir Zic. Marinacloud delivers three fundamental benefits to marina operators: a significant increase in operational efficiency; a substantial increase in customer satisfaction; and ‘numbers’ - exact indicators of performance, which help managers run a business based on facts and not feelings. The software improves every single detail of daily marina operations: email integration; automatic invoicing; customer relations; resource planning; interactive high-quality vector mapping; contract management with attached documents; embedded business intelligence and reporting; smart alerts; integration with video surveillance to monitor berth occupancy; and its unique award-winning ‘proactive boat care concept’, which is used for protocol inspection of every boat in the marina and produces weekly reports for customers. The system uses Oracle MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Cloud technology, which the company believes is probably the best cloud technology available today, to ensure business continuity and protect data from any kind of digital threats. The Marinacloud team is currently exploring state-of-the-art technology like Internet of Things, Business Intelligence and boat automation and is finding innovative ways to implement them in order to enhance marina operations. The team improves its product with monthly updates. Marinacloud has recently been promoted at the MMIAK conference, Seoul and at Boot 2017, Düsseldorf. E: - July/August 2017 57

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