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2017 September October Marina World

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Floating pontoons Steel:

Floating pontoons Steel: strength and versatility Made in Italy Pontoons, breakwaters, piers for super yachts, floating bridges and constructions: the best solutions for connecting sea and land by means of strong and reliable structures, in aluminium, concrete or steel, standard or tailor made. Khiran - Kuwait: 3,350 m of pontoons and fingers for Khiran Marina in the Arabian Gulf Let’s shape together your new marina Tel. +39 0422 702412 Pontoons and constructions over the water

TALKING SHOP areas and pumps it through our filtration system which cleans the hydrocarbons, heavy metals, chemicals and sediment from it.” Paint chips, barnacles and glass fibre are collected in catchment areas and properly disposed of by a waste management company. (The ‘ways’ refers to a marine railway utilised in the on-site full working boatyard for handling larger vessels (40,000lbs/18,144kg). This is complemented by two cranes - at 5 tons and 2 tons). The clubhouse, with its beautiful views of the bay and the distant mountains in Washington State, offers meeting space, bar (chartroom), dining room, banquet area and a large 300- seat terrace. It boasts one of few local waterfront venues with a large lawn for outdoor weddings and, along with the landscaped grounds, also comes under the Club’s environmental protection umbrella. All organics are composted and all cardboard, paper, plastic and glass is recycled. Paper products are made from recycled materials, all toilets are ultra-low flush and waterless urinals have been installed. All lighting has been upgraded to energy efficient models through BC hydro grants, and cups, paper napkins, cutlery, straws and plates used for outdoor events are all biodegradable. Native plants have been planted around the grounds as these require less watering, and natural cleaning products and biodegradable rubbish bags are used throughout the facility. All CFL lighting is being replaced with LEDs. As well as being clean and green, RVYC has to be safe and secure and Gatrell admits this requires ongoing effort. “The security of the marina is a constant problem. We have video surveillance on all of the docks, entrances, workshops and grounds. RFID controlled gates on the docks and washrooms. We also have nightly patrols by a local security company.” “Most of the theft is from the water, generally small outboards, fuel tanks and the odd small Zodiac; things they can grab quickly. The problem has lessened significantly since we introduced the above measures.” Planning for the future Having invested over .5 million in the recent refurbishment, is all at RVYC now complete? “No,” Gatrell admits. “We are currently looking to expand our dry sailing area and add another launching ramp for dinghies. Subject to receiving the appropriate permits, we hope to start work in early 2018. Dry sail (keel boats, retractable keels) is one of the fastest growing areas of the Club for the younger members and we hope to accommodate another 20 vessels.” Catering for younger members is also one of the main challenges – now and for the future. “One of the driving factors for redoing the marinas was the move away from small vessels under 30ft [9m] to the beamier vessels of today, generally between 32 and 42ft [10 and 13m]. Now we are seeing a significant move from sail to power especially for the ageing membership, which is a challenge for a yacht club.” (Cadboro has a 70:30 sail to power ratio and Tsehum, which has shallower depths, is 60% dominated by power boats). “Many younger members do not have boats so we are getting creative and purchasing club owned keel boats for members to charter. Demand for racks for Left: Proudly holding their 4 Anchor Clean Marine BC association banner, l to r: Michael Kory, environmental consultant; Dunnery Best, immediate past commodore; Simon Gatrell, general manager; and Natasha Olekshy, environmental co-op student. Below: Pouring the essential champagne for the 125 th party. paddleboards and kayaks is strong, something we did not think about in the rebuild of the marina. Any vacant space on the land or docks is being developed into storage rack space. Dinghies, paddleboards and kayaks are also available for members to use free of charge. The ageing demographic of the membership was noticed in our long range plan so we made a significant effort to attract younger members, which is working.” Born and raised near Salcombe on the English south west coast, Gatrell grew up with watersports and amassed instructor qualifications in windsurfing, diving, powerboat racing and kayaking. He worked throughout the UK, France and the Caribbean mostly in the hotel and recreation industries and has long been actively involved in saving lives at sea – with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in the UK and Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue. He has been general manager at RVYC since 2005 and is deeply proud of the Club’s involvement in hosting many world class sailing events. “Next year, the RVYC is hosting the 2018 Melges 24 World Championships. RVYC is home to the largest Melges 24 fleet in Canada, and in 2014 hosted the highly successful Melges 24 Canadian Championships that attracted 36 boats and featured epic racing off the waterfront of Victoria,” he says. “Melges 24 fleets have developed globally and, in the past, the World Championships have been held in Europe, the USA and Australia. This is the first time they will be held in Canada,” he adds. - September/October 2017 19

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