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2017 September October Marina World

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on the water and everywhere EUROPA I AMERICAS I MIDDLE EAST I ASIA I AUSTRALIA Cap d’Agde, Mediterranean Sea - shining a light on biodiversity. Poralu Marine takes care of its environment. More than 8,000 references over 5 continents

MANUFACTURER OF PONTOONS AND MARINA EQUIPMENT " Poralu Marine leads the way in environmental matters" Projects involving the fragile natural habitats which make up the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and where the impact of port facilities on the flora and fauna must be managed, demand unflagging commitment from those concerned. More than 10 years ago, our port of Cap d’Agde committed itself to a policy of environmentally responsible behaviour with a view to respecting the future port environment. Since we care about our environment, we like to play an active role in improving biodiversity and boosting the resident fauna in harbours. The port of Cap d’Agde is one of the pilot ports in the Nappex project (this innovative ecological engineering project is part of France’s national strategy for biodiversity). Nature deserves our respect, and we expect Poralu Marine, as our partner, to behave responsibly. The innovations made by Poralu Marine, such as the circular shapes in the Ecostyle ® decking, allow light to reach the seabed and thereby protect the original natural environment. The various materials used can also be recycled. Aware of its responsibility to the environment, Poralu Marine is our partner in innovation and has been coming up with solutions which take into account man’s impact on the Mediterranean environment for nearly 30 years. Pierre WEISS Port Manager at Cap d’Agde

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