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2017 September October Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Low cost washwater collection An affordable system for collecting and filtering contaminated washwater after hull scrubbing has been successfully launched by Brittany-born Gaëtan Fouquet. The patented CarenEcolo filtration unit, which has been approved by the French Water Agency and was prized for its innovation at last year’s Paris Boat Show, is aimed at small ports or marinas that have tighter budgets. CarenEcolo comprises a mobile filtration unit, high pressure cleaner, 30m (98ft) long hose for removing waste water and a rollable PVC tarpaulin with inflatable sides. Operation is simple. The boat is positioned onto the tarpaulin for cleaning; the hull is hosed down; and the wastewater is contained on the mat and pumped into the filtration unit. Fluids go through seven different types of filters to remove any oil, paint residue, lead, copper, TBT, biocides and other poisonous materials. The system can be used to filter other types of contaminated water, can be customised to meet specific needs and can be shipped worldwide. All equipment including an electric winder for the mat fits inside one mobile, towable unit. Fouquet, who has been managing the desalination plant on the Île de Sein for the past ten years, is the son and grandson of traditional fishermen. Ocean conservation is an issue he takes very seriously. E: Waste water treatment saves on pump-out A modular floating sewage treatment plant concept developed by Sebomarine of Canada offers a self-contained alternative to the traditional pump-out dock arrangement. Suitable for a variety of applications utilising dock lengths up to 24m (79ft) – depending on site conditions – in single or parallel arrangements, the system requires minimal energy and eliminates holding tanks and pump-out truck costs. A 21m (69ft) example can process 400m³ (14,126ft³) of waste per annum using just 4kWh of energy per day; easily generated by solar or wind power units. The only additional requirement is a fresh water supply. The Sebomarine plant makes use of the Aqua Care DCS (drainage clarification) method, developed to eliminate BOD5, COD and nitrogen. DCS is hygienic, odourless and enables flow water to be re-used for non-potable flushing purposes. Results have exceeded German DIN Norm Standards (DIN 4261) as well as EU standards. The clarification process commences with pre-clarification via a conventional two or three cell septic tank. Post-clarification via the Aqua Care (DCS) method utilises biological aerobic action to reduce the wet sludge volume to approximately 30mg/litre, which translates as 1 litre per person per year compared to 25 litres per person per year. The water is clarified to a level of 98% making it safe for re-use as flow water or for direct run-off into the sea, rivers or lakes. Sebomarine foresees applications at marinas and floating home concepts, and for ‘over water’ use in luxury resorts and at floating hotels, restaurants etc. E: 42 - September/October 2017

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