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2017 September October Marina World

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we create... GRP solutions +31 115 644559 Increase your business intelligence with Pacsoft Marina, Boatyard & Shipyard management software Supporting all the needs of your business to maximise growth. The PacsoftNG System is the most comprehensive marina and boatyard management system available. It allows you to streamline marina operations enabling maximisation of revenue opportunities, providing insights and analysis. For further information, to organise a demonstration contact us: Marina, Boatyard & Shipyard Management Software Solutions United Kingdom/ Europe Richard Dowland +44 (0) 845 518 6272 United States of America Jay Walsh 770 - 686 - 6910 Head Office Chris Thomas +64 (9) 379 7260 WE CHALLENGE YOU TO TEST OUR PEDESTALS +31-75-6810 610 610

A-Z GUIDE Marina di Valletta, Malta. Pontoons/docks: Orsta Breakwater SUPERIOR JETTIES Queensland, Australia E: Superior Jetties manufactures multiple marina system solutions utilising rotomoulded polyethylene, aluminium and/or concrete. Systems can be combined to achieve the most cost effective solution for any site. A range of industrial flotation products and accessories is also offered, as is custom design and project management delivered through the group network internationally. (See advertisement p. 64) TOP MARINE Saue, Estonia E: Top Marine has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture and provision of complete marina solutions. It offers engineering, installation and a wide range of floating marina products such as HD and timber pontoons, pump-out stations, floating houses, mooring fingers and safety equipment. TOPPER INDUSTRIES Washington, USA E: Topper Industries is a manufacturer of timber frame, aluminium frame, painted or galvanised steel frame and glue laminated timber frame floating docks. It also designs, engineers and fabricates aluminium gangways and pedestrian/ trail bridges up to 20ft wide and 135ft long, floating breakwaters, buoys and marine hardware. TOTAL FLOATING SYSTEMS Auckland, New Zealand E: Total Floating Systems designs, builds and installs floating concrete pontoon solutions for varied applications. It offers: floating attenuators; multiberth marinas; commercial berths; ferry terminals; houseboats; ultra high freeboard large single section units; low freeboard rowing pontoons; and private berth pontoons. TRANSPAC MARINAS WA, USA E: Design, engineering and manufacture of proprietary, high performance flotation systems since 1983. Specialising in timber, concrete, steel and HDPE structures for marinas and floating wave attenuators for extreme environments. Transpac’s custom designs integrate over 40 years of innovation and quality into each site-specific project and its unique requirements. VILEO MARINAS Tallinn, Estonia E: Vileo Marinas offers 15 years of hands-on experience in designing and building marina solutions using durable, premium quality products. Options include: Eco plastic pontoons and EPS filled plastic floats; HDPE tube pontoons; timber pontoons with concrete floats; and all-concrete pontoons in high or extra high load bearing capacities. Pontoons are built to ISO 90001/140001 standards. (See advertisement p. 43) WAHOO DOCKS Georgia, USA E: The Wahoo Wave is a completely selfcontained wave attenuation system that provides highly effective wave dampening at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. The product requires no winch adjustments, works in harsh conditions and has a mass similar to or more than that of comparable concrete attenuators. Police Club Marina, Kuwait. Pontoons/docks: Livart Marine WALCON MARINE Hampshire, UK E: With over 50 years of experience in civil and marine engineering, Walcon Marine is a global leader in the design, construction and installation of berthing facilities for leisure and commercial vessels. The company has been responsible for many design innovations over the years and examples of its comprehensive range of pontoons and floating breakwaters can be found in over 30 countries. (See advertisement p. 32) YACHT PORT MARINAS Pontevedra, Spain E: Yacht Port Marinas has invested much effort in developing a manufacturing process for concrete pontoons that isolates the content of the modules and covers the bottom surface to preserve flotation and dramatically reduce periodic maintenance. The company also manufactures shipyard equipment such as the YPM forklift, electrical travel cranes and self-propelled trolleys. - September/October 2017 61

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