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2017 September October Marina World

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The most important marina construction decision lays beneath the surface SEAFLEX CAN HANDLE PRACTICALLY ANY TIDE, ANY WAVE, ANY DEPTH, ANY BOTTOM TYPE & HURRICANE STRENGTH FORCES. Make a mooring decision worthy of your entire marina investment You spend a lot of time researching options for your marina build or upgrade. Since the anchoring is what is going to hold your marina investment in place it is arguably the most crucial components you will decide on. Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution that expands and retracts with each tide and wave, taking on and dampening the forces year after year. It does this while being invisible from the surface, creating some of the most modern, sleek, state of the art marinas of the world. With 45 years of research and development Seaflex is the most technologically advanced mooring option in the world, anchoring thousands of marinas, wave attenuators and buoys worldwide. Research your options, give your marina the mooring solution it deserves! SINCE 1970 | INTERNATIONAL +46 90 160650 | US & CANADA +1 (310) 548 9100 | MW@SEAFLEX.NET

Giant breakwater floats at Provincetown USA: The second phase of redevelopment at Provincetown Marina in Provincetown, Massachusetts has now been completed with the incorporation of a massive SF Marina Systems Type 600 floating breakwater. WORLD NEWS Inland marina redesigns mixed-use basin UK: Walcon Marine has replaced all the pontoons and piles in Basin 2 at Tewkesbury Marina on the River Avon in Gloucestershire, England. The marina was redesigned to better accommodate the narrowboats and wide-beam barges that are popular on the river. The new marina has retained its basic original layout, with four piers extending from a walkway running along one side of the basin. However, both sides of one of the piers and a single side of the adjacent pier have been fitted with a total of 17 extra-long finger pontoons that are mounted at 45° to their piers. These allow up to 36 canal boats and barges up to 18m (60ft) in length to berth safely and securely, with minimal loss of area for other boats. The arrangement also simplifies access to berths by reducing the amount of manoeuvring required to come alongside. The remaining 78 berths are designed for motor cruisers and other craft up to 9m (30ft) in length. As well as building and installing the new piers and fingers, and fitting the services, Walcon was responsible for removing the old pontoons and piles and installing new piles. The client arranged the required dredging. Walcon’s System 21 pontoons, with galvanised steel frames and hardwood decking supported on fibre concrete floats, were used throughout. Simon Amos, general manager at Tewkesbury Marina, commented: “Over the last ten years, Tewkesbury Marina has worked with Walcon Marine to replace all of the pontoons in two basins as well as the river moorings on both sides of the River Avon. For Basin 2 we again used Walcon’s System 21 pontoons, which we have been very pleased with from the installation in Basin 1 in 2007. They have also supplied an aluminium bridge, which looks superb.” Tewkesbury Marina is a privately-owned company. With nearly 400 fully serviced berths in three individual basins, it is one of the largest inland marinas in the UK. The 20ft (6m) wide breakwater is over 650ft (198m) long and, at its deepest, has a 6ft (2m) draft. The system is moored on 30 and 36in (76 and 91cm) steel piles and has a freeboard of 25in (63cm). SF Marina delivered over 2,000ft (610m) of 14, 16 and 20ft (4, 5 and 6m) wide docks and floating breakwaters. Meeco Sullivan installed ipe timber decked fingers with matching SS bollards of 40-80ft (12-24m) lengths. The fingers are attached with an SS track system. Provincetown Marina owners Chuck and Ann Lagasse requested a very high level of finish throughout, and amenities have been provided to create a top standard marina experience. Special features include grey colour matched piles from Boston Bridge and Steel, dockside pedestals from Marina Electrical Equipment and Keco in-slip pump-out connections. Custom-built deck plates with embossed marina logo ensure the docks have an uncluttered appearance. The marina (see Cover Story in Marina World May/June 2017) provides berthing and services for permanent and transient vessels up to superyacht size. - September/October 2017 9

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