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2018/19 Suppliers & Services

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product highlights 2017

product highlights 2017 Floating solar-power platform brings the land to the sea Blue Isles floating solar-powered platforms, invented and manufactured by PowerDocks, offer a range of marine applications and can be installed anywhere in the world. The concept is simple: solar panels mounted to the platform continually harness the sun’s energy and store it in batteries, providing constant electricity for any boats mooring up. They can be used by marine electric propulsion vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and surface autonomous vehicles (SAVs); in aquaculture farming; and as a tool for commercial users, defence or oceanography. For the marina industry, these ‘micro-grids’ bring shore-based power out into the sea. They offer the ideal solution for smaller marinas particles, resulting in improved air quality. looking to increase capacity but without the Once installed, they require little, if any, fixed pontoon space to do so. The platforms maintenance and can be left to do their job are green machines, helping to improve water indefinitely. They even have on-deck bird quality and environmental conditions by offering scarers, which help to keep the panels clean. an alternative to fossil fuel-based equipment. Fully customisable in both material and size, Each year, the company says, one small solar the platforms are offered in three stock sizes powered mooring platform saves 2+ megawatt providing two, four or six kilowatt-hours of hours, avoids 42,781 tonnes of carbon dioxide resilient power. The largest stock size, a custom emissions, saves US.1 million in energy design featuring 12 kilowatt-hours of power in a savings compared to existing or alternative 5m x 6m (16ft x 20ft) platform, allows up to three technology, provides 100% energy efficiency boats to moor alongside and boaters can use improvement over existing fossil-fuel based the platform as a communal entertainment area, technologies and cuts over one million air taking advantage of both power and Wi-Fi. MT boosts forklift options Marine Travelift (MT) expanded its innovative Hydro_M Drive marine forklift line last year. Increased capacities, shorter wheelbase options and a redesign of the easy-access engine compartment give customers the ability to grow business by lowering maintenance costs and increasing precision and efficiency. The hydrostatic drive system was first introduced by the company in the mid 1990s and has since been continuously improved. The complete Hydro_M Drive product line features capacities up to 52,000lbs (23,587kg) and beyond, and carries the same tested technologies. These additional capacities, along with shorter wheel base options, ensure the right fit for any size marina. Quantum success Rolec achieved continued success with Quantum, the newest dockside pedestal (for 2016/17) in its portfolio. Key contracts included delivery of 90 white aluminium Quantums to Amwaj Marina in Bahrain, bespoke coloured pedestals for Port Adriano’s Old Port in Mallorca and anodised aluminium models for Kenese Marina Port in Balatonkenese, Hungary. The Amwaj pedestals are supported by Rolec’s BerthMaster fully networked management system, which attracted multiple orders in 2017. One pedestal, international outlets M-Tech Marine Technologies replaced marina service pedestals at Riviera’s Gold Coast headquarters in Queensland, Australia. The company manufactured bespoke XL service units with a range of functions, including variable Australian and US electrical outlets, water supply and compressed air. M-Tech also completed another phase for Sydney Superyacht Marina, again supplying its award-winning XL units, and enjoyed continued success with its Platinum pedestal range, with deliveries to marinas including d’Albora Marinas Akuna Bay. 6 - Suppliers & Services 2018/2019

Floating pontoons All concrete: the evolution of fixed piers Made in Italy Pontoons, breakwaters, piers for super yachts, floating bridges and constructions: the best solutions for connecting sea and land by means of strong and reliable structures, in aluminium, concrete or steel, standard or tailor made. Montecarlo - Monaco: new pontoons at Port Hercule Let’s shape together your new marina Tel. +39 0422 702412 Pontoons and constructions over the water

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