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2018/19 Suppliers & Services

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product highlights 2017

product highlights 2017 Bringing marinas into the Smart world BerthMaster Online, the marina management system launched by Rolec in 2016, has been well received at a global level but commercial success is only part of the story. Connecting the marina industry to the Smart world has only just begun and Rolec is continuing to hone the product. “BerthMaster Online is a cloud-based multi-layered Smart platform that enables us, in association with our global strategic partners Vodafone and WorldPay, to continually evolve and develop new and exciting apps and features that can be remotely deployed to the benefit of both the berth holder and marina operator,” says Rolec operations director Holly Brown. “Some of the latest additions include ‘loss of power’ email alerts, analytic reporting of utility services, berth holder focused push marketing facilities and the ability to manage berth holder accounts across multiple marinas,” she adds. Utilising the latest in mobile phone technology, Berthmaster Online brings everyone associated with the marina – staff, customers, franchised retailers and social outlets – under one cloud-based Smart system that, as it develops, is providing more and more services and solutions. Berth holders have control of marina services and can pay for these using their phone or any other web enabled device; the marina operator can control and manage all electricity supplies, water, lighting, sanitation and security systems and derive a wealth of analytical information on all services. The push marketing feature enables the marina to send e-shots and emails directly to customers to market boats for sale, offer early settlement discounts, promote restaurant deals and special events etc. Fully electric marina “The list of services can go on and on,” says Rolec managing director Kieron Alsop. “The fact that this is a multi-layered Smart Cloud platform means that we can continue to develop apps and features, and remotely add them to the system as and when trends and marina management directions dictate. In effect, it’s a completely liquid platform that has the potential to give the marina every resource it needs and give customers connectivity 24/7.” Dutch company Seijsener has been instrumental in the development of what may be the first fully electric marina. Located near the Amsterdam city centre, the emission-free ‘E-Harbour’ caters for 64 E-boats of varying sizes, all of which will be able to recharge their batteries every night. To create the necessary harbour power Seijsener developed an electrical system with an impressive 1,000kVA transformer. Each power socket has its own electronic controller linked to a central system. Meter results, charging status and other data can be read by the boat owner, service company staff member or other authorised person, and situations such as cause of power failure can be quickly determined and remedied. The system combines smart technology with measurement, power control, service and cost control in one package. 8 - Suppliers & Services 2018/2019

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