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2018 July August Marina World

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COVER STORY Left & below: The Amico dock and quayside facilities are perfectly positioned close to Genoa city centre. ago, Amico is now at the top end of the industry with up to 110 orders per year. The company has a network of 650 suppliers, partnerships with specialist companies, and promotes a comprehensive plan to compete with La Genoa for Yachting participants Services: Amico Servizi Srl Femobunker Srl Genoa Sea Service Srl Molo Vecchio Marine Supplies Srl Molo Vecchio Crociere Srl Pesto Sea Group Srl San Giorgio Shipping Services Srl SCS Ship & Crew Services Srl Yachtline Arredomare 1618 Spa Marinas: Marina Genova Srl Marina Molo Vecchio Srl Marina Porto Antico Spa Shipbuilding: Amico & Co Srl Cantieri Navali Di Sestri Srl Cantieri Navali Genovesi Srl Gatti Srl, Genoa Sea Service Srl Consorzio Assistenza Nautica Technology: AB Volt Srl Acier Steel Srl Cn Sat Srl Cooperativa Steel Works Interni Navali Genovesi Srl Lisi Arredamenti Srl Motonautica Sorin Diesel Sas Schembri E Gardella Verniciatura Yacht Tecnomarine Srl Viacava Srl Ciotat in Bouches du Rhône (France) and Mb92 in Barcelona (Spain). Amico’s Genoa project involves the development of a refit and repair district equipped with new shipbuilding infrastructure, mooring facilities and services, and a rejuvenation of the city’s waterfront in liaison with local adminstrations. The journey, started some years ago by president Alberto Amico who was acting in part on his father’s thought processes, has led to continuous growth of the Amico yard. The most recent advance, prior to the formation of Genoa for Yachting, was the unauguration in 2016 of a 102m (335ft) long covered and air-conditioned dock and an upgrade of electrical installations. With its facilities in Genoa and Loano (Amico Loano), the group operates on various levels for yachts from 30 to 140m (98 to 459ft) and has spent years consolidating its position and investing in its facilities. Up to €55 million is in the process of being spent in total at the Genoa yard. Mooring up near the city Genoa has several key marinas including Marina Genova, Marina Porto Antico and Marina Molo Vecchio. Marina Genova is an excellent nautical hub and one of four Mediterranean marinas able to accommodate megayachts up to 130m (426ft) in length. It offers a high level of dedicated services meeting the needs of both shipowners and crew. The marina has 500 berths, 100 of which are reserved for superyachts, the largest refuelling docks in the Mediterranean and a dedicated build and repair area. To complement restaurants, hotels and commercial activities, there are various initiatives for shipowners, guests and crew. We Love Crew offers social events. Located to the west of Genoa city centre and close to the international airport, Marina Genova sits amidst an area that is historically associated with large vessels and shipbuilding. The future seems bright. “The 2018 season will surely confirm growth following the positive signs experienced by Italian marinas last year,” says Giuseppe Pappalardo, CEO of Marina Genova management company SSP Società 14 - July/August 2018

COVER STORY Talking to Alberto Amico Q: The goal of Genoa for Yachting is to create a yachting hub supported by facilities comparable with Mb92 and La Alberto Amico Ciotat. Why Genoa? A: Genoa has the potential to become a hub of excellence. The location and climate are ideal and the city is a fair size with quality services and beautiful cultural and touristic offerings. Our port infrastructure generates a good reception and we have the right growth potential, even in the megayacht sector. In terms of shipbuilding, there are not only yards like Amico but a whole chain of specialist companies dedicated to pleasure craft and large yachts. The creation of Genoa for Yachting has prompted greater awareness of the current importance of the nautical sector for the city and its further potential. Q: How are discussions progressing? A: A constructive dialogue has been started with the president of the region, Giovanni Toti, the mayor, Marco Bucci, and the president of the port system authority, Paolo Emilio Signorini, on the strategy for economic development and the port system in coming years. The large yacht sector will be a protagonist in this, which is a fundamental change of direction. Q: What is Amico’s current role and the main focus of your side of the project? A: We are the promoter of the Genoa for Yachting working group. Our project is divided into three phases, one of which is shipbuilding infrastructure. This mainly comprises a new 4,000 ton ship lift, new reception mooring capacity for yachts of 45 to 110m (148 to 361ft) and more space for crews and ground services. Q: Will the ‘Blueprint’ designs of renowned architect Renzo Piano be part of the Genoa waterfront project? A: Mayor Bucci is pushing for swift construction of the new waterfront and all planning and planning procedures have started. They are in total harmony with Renzo Piano. The new waterfront is a beautiful project, it is achieveable, and the big yachts will be one of the drivers of economic development in the sector. Genoa by night (above) and by day at Marina Genova (below) conveniently close to the airport. Sviluppo Porti. “Our infrastructure, as well as our strategic location, enables us to give attentive service to large vessels that are often on hectic schedules and presents opportunities for tourists to discover the treasures and culture of Genoa,” he adds. At the centre of the city waterfront lies Marina Porto Antico, a haven largely for small and medium sized boats. Berth holders at its 270 berths can take advantage of WiFi, electric dock carts, laundries, supermarket, shops, hotels and restaurants. Over the past two years, following the Italian crisis that resulted in a significant exodus of boats, occupancy has started to rise and many previous customers have returned. These are primarily from northern Italy with some from Genoa itself. Around a third of the berths for boats of 20m (66ft) and above are leased by foreigners. All customers appreciate being so close to the amenities of the city centre. Marina Molo Vecchio (MMV) also enjoys a prime waterfront location on the 450m (1,476ft) long Molo Vecchio close to the famous aquarium. The marina offers 160 berths for vessels of 22 to 90m (72 to 295ft) at stern-to moorings, has a 150m (492ft) alongside berth, and an additional 100 berths for boats of 5 to 18m (16 to 59ft). These are offered at competitive rates - July/August 2018 15

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