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2018 July August Marina World

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The 2018 US annual subscription price is 0. Airfreight and mailing in the USA by agent named Air Business Ltd, c/o Worldnet Shipping Inc., 156-15 146 th Avenue, 2 nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA. Periodicals postage paid in Jamaica NY 11431. US Postmaster: Please send address changes to MARINA WORLD, c/o Worldnet Shipping, Inc., 156-15, 146 th Avenue, 2 nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA. Subscription records are maintained at Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd, School Farm, School Road, Terrington St. John, Cambridgeshire PE14 7SJ, United Kingdom. Air Business Ltd acts as Loud & Clear Publishing’s mailing agent. Marina World is available on subscription at the following cost: 1 year (6 issues) - £80.00 Sterling (0) 2 years (12 issues) - £140.00 Sterling (0) No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission of Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd, the copyright owners. Upon application, permission may be freely granted to copy abstracts of articles on condition that a full reference to the source is given. Printed in the UK by Stephens & George © 2018 Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this magazine does not constitute endorsement of the companies, products and services concerned by Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. The publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising. Pioneering practices FROM THE EDITOR The ongoing fight to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, keep our seas cleaner in general and conserve fossil fuels dominates media headlines. The marina industry continues to play its part in trying to win the battle. In the Environmental Management feature in this issue, once again we read about relatively simple measures that can be taken to improve water quality. French company CarenEcolo launches a portable slipway mat for hull cleaning that can be set up on tidal slipways and connected to a wash water filtration tank. Çeşme Marina in Turkey is securing sacks of mussels around the marina for natural water filtration and natural water quality assessment. The ratio of heavy metals in the mussels will be periodically checked for an academic report. As Marina World closed for press, Abell Point Marina in Australia told us about its latest venture to be ‘plastic straw free’. If you think this seems a negligible contribution to the environment, you may think again when armed with the following statistics: over 500 million plastic straws are discarded every day globally and each straw takes up to 450 years to degrade. Responding to The Last Straw Great Barrier Reef campaign, Abell Point is now the first marina in Australia to be plastic straw free at all five of its food venues. Paper straws are provided on request and one outlet has taken a step further in selling reusable stainless straws to customers. Abell Point general manager, Kate Purdie, says “by eliminating plastic straws from our food outlets, we have eliminated 70,000 straws per annum from being discarded. The marina is already plastic bag free and our participation in The Last Straw campaign is a great next step in our environmental strategy. We hope to lead the way for other marinas to follow suit and encourage all their venues to become plastic straw free.” A first for Çeşme, a first for Abell Point, and now another significant accolade for the BlueIsles Solar Microgrid Dock. Developed by US-based PowerDocks and reviewed in Marina World January/February 2018, BlueIsles won the Innovation of the Year Award at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo and Conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the end of June. The product, described by one jury member as having “the potential to revolutionise the charging and docking capacity of marinas worldwide,” is a first-ofkind floating solar dock that can be positioned in remote locations or within marinas to provide in situ sustainable power. It is fully customisable in size, materials, energy generation and storage configurations. PowerDocks worked on the product in collaboration with several marina industry specialists including Bellingham Marine, ThruFlow and HyPower, and solar energy specialist Solbian. The result is pioneering, and we are delighted that it has won yet another prestigious award. Carol Fulford Editor Join the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2018 in Athens, Greece! Register today at - July/August 2018 5

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