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2020 July August Marina World

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PROUD TO BE MADE IN AMERICA AUSTRALIA DOHA, QATAR Up to 25,000 lb. lifting capacity available • User friendly operation • Expandable capacity (lift can add capacity at later time) • Simply tie to a dock/piling • Easily moveable in areas prone to hurricanes or flooding Dealership Opportunities Available become-a-dealer 1.800.825.3379 | HH_Ad_MarinaWorld_5.1x7.1.indd 6 12/1/19 2:31 PM

Electric option for clean-up boats UK-based boatbuilder Water Witch is now offering a Torqeedo electric power option to replace the standard four-cycle outboards on its entire range of Versi-Cat litter collection craft and pontoon workboats. PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE “This is a clean, green, safe, zeroemission solution with long life, low maintenance and minimal operating costs,” said Water Witch director Jackie Caddick. The Torqeedo propulsion package consists of a Cruise 10.0 outboard with two Power 48 intelligent lithium-ion batteries weighing just 36kg (79lbs) each. A cockpit control panel gives the operator a view of system status, including range at current speed. The system delivers six to eight hours of service between charges. The response from customers, according to the company, has been overwhelmingly positive. “From high-end marinas to commercial harbours and even hydro-electric dams, the environmental benefits of a completely zeroemission solution have really sparked interest,” Caddick said. “In fact, many of our owners are also enquiring about converting their existing vessels to an all-electric drive. Retrofitting is very easy, basically just a straight swap. It’s a very cost-efficient option, and backed by the support of Torqeedo’s extensive worldwide warranty and after-sales support.” This year, Water Witch is introducing a new, larger 8m (26ft) boat to its Versi- Cat series with Torqeedo electric power as standard fit. The new model has a more traditional hull shape, which is designed to improve transit speeds to 10/11 knots using the same propulsion, and provide better seaworthiness for operating in coastal waters. The new design also offers a more varied range of functions, including oil spill response. “We have been impressed with the reliability and advanced technology of the latest Torqeedo electric mobility range,” Caddick continued. “We are passionate about the environment and we see this technology as a crucial step towards being carbon-neutral in our efforts to keep plastic pollution from entering our oceans and landing on our beaches.” “The main advantage of working with Torqeedo is, as a builder and vessel designer, we benefit from the engineering and technological developments put into the products, their highly efficient performance and reliability and, most importantly, a cost-effective option for electric drive,” he added. “And the support available for professional installers is very impressive.” Caddick believes that electric mobility will be the wave of the future for their specialised vessels. “Clients are increasingly looking towards green technology to support their water and waste management services, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and create a better environment for their own stakeholders. We believe our fully electric solutions meet all these goals.” “It just makes sense that a boat working to clean up pollution should not add to the problem by causing pollution in the water or through emissions.” Ian McAndrew Ian McAndrew, veteran and champion of the boating industry, passed away on 28th June. Ian’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and warmth will be missed by all at Marina World, and a huge number of friends and colleagues around the globe. Ian’s first involvement in the Australian marina industry was to develop the then ground-breaking Anchorage Port Stephens Resort and Marina in New South Wales (NSW) in 1987. Fittingly, one of his last ongoing projects was to progress Shellharbour Marina – another NSW ground-breaker – in his capacity as senior group consultant for Walcon Marine Australia. Ian devoted a huge amount of his time to helping the industry grow and prosper, and encouraged others to do the same. He was heard on many occasions to say he loved the boating industry and ‘wished he could do more’ and was a passionate voice at key events and within industry associations, which included a record 14 consecutive years as president of the (Australian) Boating Industry Association (BIA). He was also a vice chairman of the ICOMIA Marinas Group. In a tribute paid by the BIA, past BIA president Doug Olding summed up Ian’s dedication and character: “Ian consistently and generously gave his time and effort to the Association and industry and never sought nor expected anything in return other than success for his fellow members.” Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family. - July/August 2020 45

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