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2020 November December Marina World

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The magazine from the marina industry


PRODUCTS & SERVICES Index to Advertisers AMI Conference & Expo 2021, USA 42 ASAR/GCM Safe Harbour Drystacks, USA 59 Bellingham Marine, USA 7, 9 & 11 Bluewater Marine & Dock, USA 32 Boatlift, Italy 20 Capria, Argentina 22 City of Cannes, 27, 28 & 29 Conolift by Kropf Industrial, Canada 48 Den Hartog Industries, USA 48 Dual Docker, Austria 16 Dura Composites, UK 33 Eaton Marina Power & Lighting, USA 45 Flovac, Spain 32 GH Cranes & Components, Spain 17 Gigieffe, Italy 39 Golden Boat Lifts, USA 24 Golden Marine Systems, USA 53 HydroHoist, USA 46 IMCI, Belgium 40 Ingemar, Italy 12 Inland & Coastal Marinas, Ireland 14 Hazelett Marine, USA 22 Lindley, Portugal 36 Livart Marine, China 54 Lumberock Premium Decking, USA 56 Marex, Croatia 40 Marina Master by IRM, Slovenia 56 Marina Projects, UK 10 MarinaGo by Scribble Software, USA 46 Marinetek, Finland 4 Martini Alfredo, Italy 18 OmegaFlex, USA 60 Pacsoft, New Zealand 36 Pick a Pier, Israel 14 PierPump by Vogelsang, Germany 6 Raviv Consulting Engineers, Israel 40 Ronautica, Spain 50 Roodberg - a brand of Frisian Industries, Netherlands 57 SF Marina System, Sweden 2 Seaflex, Sweden 8, USA 54 Superior Group, Australia 56 Swedeship Sublift, Sweden 40 TIVA Building Products, Canada 54 ThruFlow, Canada 49 Twinwood by Soprefa, Portugal 50 Walcon, UK 16 Scribble’s 11.0.3 – better than ever Scribble Software has released Version 11.0.3 to further enhance its suite of software solutions. Major product changes are as follows: MarinaOffice MARIAH MeterWalk Center updated to include: • Add the slip’s current present meter and preview meter (all three). • Add the ability to print and/or export to Excel. • Add the ability to add/remove columns (not the dock/slip columns, but the meter columns). • Split the dock/slip column and allow the columns to be grouped by doc. • Allow the user to set the sort order. • Database limit is 10 Gig for SQL Server Express with alert at 9 Gig. If not using SQL Server Express there is no limit. PureRetail • When sending remote print jobs, the user may enter either the customer’s full name or the customer’s last name. • When performing a bill payment using the integrated credit card process, a situation can arise where the credit card processes, but the accounting platform does not accept the payment. In this situation, the bill payment is recorded in PureRetail and flagged with the text “[NP]”. This update allows the user to attempt to repost the “not posted” payments directly from the payment history report in PureRetail. • New setting for remote/kitchen printing allows the option to include order job references so each print job alerts the user that there are other parts to this same order. • The meal modifier forms have been updated to allow a user to configure an “item picker”. Bigger buttons and more options for sales reps are now available. • New ‘Quick Finalize Order’ function allows the server to finalise credit card authorisations back-to-back without having to move between multiple screens. • A new ‘void transaction’ section added to Z-Out to quickly view the number of voided transactions within a shift. • New report for tracking void sales transactions. • The custom templates for work orders, technician tickets and estimates have been updated to allow users to access and use all ‘trailer’ related fields. • Improved zip code validation for customer ticket charges and on-file cc transactions. • When auto-CC payments are successfully processed through the integrated credit card merchant, they will be recorded on the payment history report. To easily designate the difference between the auto-CC records and other payments made through PureRetail, the “Shift Number” will be set to “A” to represent the auto- CC process. • The integrated ACH process has been updated to run an automatic “check return” validation process once a day. This process attempts to compare any “check return” situations that occur on the merchant side with any autodebit transactions in PureRetail. With ‘Payment Innovators’, as soon as the ACH payment is settled, PureRetail will post the payment to QuickBooks. PureService • Added spellcheck functionality to the notes on Add Tech Time window. • Expanded fields list on work orders, technician tickets and estimates to more closely match. • A new option has been added to PureService that allows the invoice generated from a work order to consolidate all labour onto a single line for each job. RentalH20 • Added a new PureRental report to show payments made to rentals within a date range. Enterprise Synchronizer • Database backup functionality has been added to the ‘Enterprise Cloud Synchronizer’. 58 – November/December 2020

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