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2020 September October Marina World

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NEWS FOCUS Ayia Napa Marina has abundant power and water to support its residents and guests, including floating fuel facilities equipped with high speed diesel dispensers. Several berths are directly connected to a sewage pumpout network and more than adequate pump-out points are spread throughout the marina. Bellingham Marine project manager Tom Spragg remarks, “While the project had its challenges with the COVID-19 lockdown and casting [of pontoons] in Cyprus, the quality is as you would find on any Bellingham project – and there seems to be enough power for a large town.” Under Tom Spragg’s direction, the team cast almost 1,200 pontoons with an estimated total area of 12,410m² (133,600ft²). All have the patented Bellingham FRP ‘thru-rod’ system and FRP reinforcing. The pontoon walkways are sufficiently wide for golf cart access to most berths. The marina is well protected by a rock, concrete and rubble mound breakwater, designed by US-based Smith Group JJR, lead architects and master planners for the project. On the land In addition to offering 360 wet slips, Ayia Napa has invested in a four-tier drystack with capacity for 160 vessels up to 10m (33ft). This was also built by Bellingham and is already in use. Launch and retrieval is undertaken by a Hoist negative lift, purpose-built forklift. An Ascom straddle carrier, capable of lifting By June 2020, floating docks were in place and the marina was open to the public. 150 tons and boats up to 38m (118ft), is also in operation in the maintenance area. Hardstand space is available for 80 vessels. The commercial zone, expected to be complete and operational at the start of 2021, covers more than 4,000m² (43,100ft²) and has provision for restaurants, cafés and shops, and parking for over 550 vehicles. Ayia Napa Marina will have its own event centre, nautical equipment store, crew dining and entertainment areas, spa, gym, yacht club and beach clubs. The residential element of the plan is also underway. Two eyecatching towers in excess of 100m (330ft) high, featuring 220 spacious and luxurious apartments with uninterrupted sea views, are under construction. The project also offers a selection of luxury villas, 11 of which are situated on a crescentshaped man-made sandy beach on the development’s west coast; 12 Construction progress advancing well in May 2020. Island Villas with private berths on a man-made island in the marina basin (connected to shore by road bridge); and a further 12 with private docks on the marina peninsula. Additional work delivers a harbour master’s building, government buildings with police, Customs and Immigration offices, as well as medical and veterinary services. For now and the future Ayia Napa Marina will bring joy to many – and to one man in particular. “It is exciting to see my father’s dream, first signed in 2012, become a reality, and how pleasing and proud it is for the family to see his smile as he walks the docks,” Stavros Caramondanis notes. “This is truly the finest integrated modern luxury marina development that we as boaters will enjoy for many decades to come. Ayia Napa Marina is a facility that will be used and enjoyed by all and this vision is also shared by Naguib Sawiris.” 36 – September/October 2020

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