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2020 September October Marina World

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Leading the Industry in Quality, Versatility and Innovation West Coast: San Diego, CA 619.499.2007 Pacifi c: Oahu, HI 808.237.4504 East Coast: St Petersburg, FL 727.209.7110 For over two decades, Bluewater has been the industry leader in aluminum fl oating docks, fi xed piers, gangways and marina access control gates. Our structurally engineered designs allow for the most versatile confi gurations and decking options, superior utility accessibility, ease of installation and the lowest maintenance docks on the market. Contact our team today for a customized consultation and quote for your next marina project! Kropf Kropf Industrial Kropf also Industrial also manufactures supplies also supplies a full line a full line Conolift of hydraulic of hydraulic boat boat trailers, boat as trailers, and well as well as mobile steel boat tube hoists steel floating tube with dock floating capacities systems dock systems and and from floating 3 Kropf – 100 breakwaters. floating Industrial tons. breakwaters. also manufactures Conolift hydraulic boat trailers and mobile boat hoists with capacities from 3 – 100 tons. 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 888.480.3777

DRYSTACK STORAGE A Capria drystack system can move a boat from storage rack to the water in less than three minutes, smoothly and quietly. Semi-automation reduces costs and boosts efficiency Stacker machinery specialist Capria reached a milestone in installations in early August, telling Marina World that over 7,000 berths using its innovative drystack boat storage and launching solution are now in operation worldwide. “With the opening of our latest project in Buenos Aires, Argentina the precise number is 7,150,” said company director Andres Capria. “We’re especially proud of this achievement as it represents a shift in how the marina industry is utilising waterfront space more effectively and adopting new technologies.” Capria has an additional three projects underway that will add a further 1,700 drystack berths to its inventory. CE-marked and with ISO 9001 certification, a Capria drystack system can move a boat from storage rack to the water in less than three minutes. It achieves this by using semi-automated top- and bottom-running cranes and an array of vessel launchers. The result is an efficient, cost-effective solution that operates using less space and with fewer personnel. As it is completely electric, it is also exceptionally quiet and odour-free. Expanding market reach While enjoying a market leading position in the South and Central American regions, including its home market of Argentina, Capria has been expanding its sales to other parts of the world in recent years. In July this year it further strengthened its export business by extending the territory covered by its Sydney-based sales representative Butchart Marine Services. Originally appointed to Australia and New Zealand, Butchart now also covers all of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Butchart Marine was Capria’s first sales representative, back in 2017. “Dedicated team members, Greg Butchart and Alister Copley attended training in Buenos Aires several times and have supported us at numerous trade exhibitions,” Andres Capria explained. “Their thorough understanding of our system and how a solution is engineered, combined with their industry connections and experience, have resulted in strong project leads. Butchart’s additional territory presents more opportunities. We’re confident the months ahead will be exciting for both our companies.” Delivering benefits A semi-automated crane and launcher system from Capria will pull a boat of up to 15m (49ft) from a rack and have it afloat in under three minutes, increasing the total marina customer base while keeping premium in-water space available for sailboats and large yachts. Unlike the construction of a new wet slip marina that requires an extensive permitting process and massive financial layout, a Capria solution uses far fewer square metres and, typically, results in lower taxes. It doesn’t even require concrete flooring, further reducing the overall construction investment. Storage facilities using Capria solutions can be built open or closed and do not necessarily require concrete bases. While almost all have roofs, in colder climates some also have side walls to protect winter stored boats – and ensure a source of year-round income. By necessity, marinas require a massive electrical infrastructure but although a Capria drystack solution is all-electric, it is far less expensive than building and maintaining the power grid needed for traditional in-water storage. The lower initial capital expenditure is only part of the financial benefit. With reduced insurance premiums, less system and facility maintenance and fewer personnel needed, overall operating expenses decrease. Once the greater number of boats that can be stored is factored in, profitability soars and the efficiency of the operation helps marinas retain customers season after season. – September/October 2020 41

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