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2020 September October Marina World

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BUILDING BLOCKS As our product range has evolved, it now has many applications. Together with our clients, we have the luxury of choosing the right pontoon, in the right materials, for the right job. By developing the heavy-duty end of our portfolio to always be a step stronger, we’ve also become experts in floating breakwaters, able to incorporate the strongest of building blocks when designing and engineering a marina that will withstand the test of time.

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Printed in the UK by Stephens & George © 2020 Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd Boating boom After publishing two digital-only issues (due to COVID-related postal distribution problems), we are delighted to return to print for Issue 121 and continue our two-part 20 year anniversary celebration of marinas. We look back on a range of fantastic newbuilds around the world at a time when we know the day-to-day operation of marinas is more challenging but that the future could hold great promise. Never would we have thought that a global pandemic could become our best ‘grow boating’ marketing tool. Although the downside of COVID-19 is as down as it gets – loss of life, serious illness and loss of livelihoods in a myriad of sectors – interest in boating has risen beyond anything we could have predicted. And demand for boats = demand for berths. New boat sales; used boat sales; charter; boat club membership; P2P rentals; PWC and jet boat sales; sportfishing boat sales; holiday rentals: UP. First-time boat buyers: UP. Interest from younger consumers: UP. ‘Retired’ boaters back on the water: UP. Whether for day trips, short breaks or two-week vacations, time afloat is time spent in a mask-free fresh air ‘bubble’ with in-built social distancing. The resurgence, alas, comes hand in hand with an ironic sting: face-to-face marketing has never been so challenged. Boat show after boat show around the world is cancelled, and our much valued B2B events either go online or offline. But, while the buzz and the networking are sorely missed, boats continue to sell. Many retailers in the northern hemisphere suffered a later start to the spring/ summer season due to COVID restrictions but when consumers emerged there was a strong surge in boat sales and rentals from May/June onwards. Now, in September, the trend continues. It will be interesting to see how boat sales and charter progress in coming months in the southern hemisphere. I’m impressed by how many marina projects have completed recently even if some downtime was suffered during lockdown restrictions. Plans are also plentiful and permissions are being granted for ambitious ventures. The coming months will likely be bumpy – infection cases are rising in many countries, especially in Europe, India and the Americas, and reports vary on how close we are to a viable COVID- 19 vaccine – but as boat ownership remains strong and charter fleets and boat clubs look likely to expand, the knocks our industry has taken this year should be comfortably offset by future growth. Plan your next project! Carol Fulford Editor Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this magazine does not constitute endorsement of the companies, products and services concerned by Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. The publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising. – September/October 2020 5

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