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2021-22 Suppliers & Services

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PONTOON/DOCK FIXTURES PONTOON/DOCK SYSTEMS - PLASTIC MODULAR Top Marine Ltd Estonia Tel: +372 53 044 000 Top Marine provides complete marina solutions - engineering, installation and wide range of floating marina products such as HD and timber pontoons, pump-out stations, floating houses, mooring fingers, safety equipment, etc. Pontoon/dock systems - plastic modular Airfloat Ltd UK Tel: +44 (0)1892 784823 Modular pontoon systems for leisure and civil applications. Inhouse design if required, and installation and accessories made to customer specifications. AquaTech Austria Tel: +43 664 1048297 The Maritime Technic pontoon system is a modular floating dock system of third generation for aquatic sports, aquaculture and environmental protection. Candock, Inc Canada Tel: +1 819 847 2599 Candock has been designing, engineering and distributing high quality modular floating dock systems for more than 20 years. It claims to offer the largest selection of accessories on the market for a totally customisable solution. Connect-A-Dock, Inc USA Tel: +1 877 742 3071 Manufacturer of modular floating dock systems, accessories, drive-on PWC lifts, power pedestals, dock boxes and other marine products. Cubisystem France Tel: +33 2 33 04 50 00 Founded in 1985, Cubisystem is an industry leader in the development, production and installation of modular floating docks. It provides a complete service, from the development of a client’s project through to its final installation for maritime, river, interior waterways and lake applications. Inter Boat Marinas BV Netherlands Tel: +31 (0) 78 677 70 00 Inter Boat Marinas, founded in 1986, is a specialist in the design, development, manufacture and installation of floating pontoons and marinas, complete with all necessary facilities. It offers a variety of floating pontoon and concrete breakwater options. Magic-Float Russia Tel: +7 9164 463707 Magic-Float is a modular pontoon system which can be used to create a variety of on-water constructions. The Magic-Float team has great experience in production and installation of pontoons on any water surface. Marine Floor Europe France Tel: +33 4 68 70 42 83 Marine Floor Europe is a French company specialising in manufacture and supply of floating structures such as modular floating pontoons, docks for boats or jet skis, temporary bridges, work platforms, floating swimming pools, beach pontoons, big floating events and other floating projects. Ports Equipements France Tel: +33 (0) 6 80 06 34 41 Modular floating pontoons using polyethylene modules and aluminium tubes to ensure quality and great stability. Custom installations for leisure basins, water sports facilities and private projects. Shenzhen Horizon Marina Co Ltd China Tel: +86 755 8667 0727 Horizon Marina specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of floating pontoons, gangways and marine equipment. It has offered turnkey solutions for projects in the Middle East, North America, Europe etc. Stadia Marina Mexico Tel: +52 777 3916114 Planning, design, development and manufacture of floating marine docks in wood, plastic and concrete. Furniture design for exterior and marine environments. Superior Group Australia Tel: +61 7 5594 8200 Manufactures, supplies and installs turnkey solutions for all marine berthing applications. Projects are delivered globally via an international dealer network. The Superior Group also provides industrial flotation in pump pontoons, dredging floats and rotomoulded products. Transpac Marinas, Inc USA Tel: +1 360 293 8888 Design, engineering and manufacturing of proprietary, highperformance flotation systems since 1983. Specialising in timber, concrete, steel and HDPE structures for marinas and floating wave attenuators in extreme environments. Cockle Bay Sydney Harbour, Australia +61 7 5594 8200 52 - Suppliers & Services 2021/2022

PONTOON/DOCK SYSTEMS - PLASTIC PONTOON/DOCKS & BREAKWATERS - FIXED Wave Armor USA Tel: +1 320 963 6480 High quality, rotationally moulded floating docks and PWC systems with superior design element including a flagstone paver style textured finish. Full line of accessories. Pontoons/docks & breakwaters - fixed Aqua Floating Group AB Tested and Certified by Sweden Tel: +46 490 36 900 IMANNA Laboratory www.aquavilla.seInc. Falling Dart Impact Test floating villas, other buildings and structures. 7-Day Hunt Water Bluewater Absorption Marine & Test Dock Encasement Specialties, Inc Wall USA Tel: Thickness +1 808 237 4504 Standard Supplier of complete marinas and other floating constructions like And More! Bluewater Marine offers structurally engineered floating docks, fixed piers, gangways and marina security gates. It is committed to delivering the strongest and sturdiest aluminium framed dock system on the market. Contact the team for a customised quote Ingemar Srl for your next marina project. IMANNA Certified Italy Tel: +39 0422 702412 Gael Force Marinas & Pontoons UK Tel: For +44 over (0) 1463 25 years, 229447Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability Design, manufacture and installation of performance pontoon and longevity. Visit for a variety of product systems and breakwaters for exposed and sheltered locations. sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information. UK’s only producer of floating concrete breakwaters. Design and supply of mooring equipment and systems for marinas. Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency? GatorDock They should be. USA Ask Tel: +1 for 888 359 Ace 2557 Floats by name! GatorDock, part of CMI Ltd, is a leading fabricator of aluminium marine access solutions with more than 20,000 aluminium structures installed around the globe, including floating docks, fixed piers, marinas and gangways. Golden Marine Systems, LLC USA Tel: +1 239 337 4141 (X239) Custom concrete and aluminium floating dock systems and gangways for residential to commercial megayacht marina applications available worldwide. HDB Marine USA Tel: +1 208 689 3248 HDB Marine is a full service marine manufacturer specialising in site-specific dock and wave attenuator solutions. It has been in business for over 38 years and offers a wide variety of docks. Over 40 years’ experience in marine engineering and development of concrete floating structures. Modular all-concrete pontoons; discontinuous floating pontoons with galvanised steel or aluminium frames; hardwood decking and FRC or rotomoulded polyethylene floats. Breakwaters up to 20 x 10 x 2.40m and 185t displacement. Fixed piers. - Suppliers & Services 2021/2022 53

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