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2021-22 Suppliers & Services

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EDUCATION & TRAINING ENVIRONMEnTAL PRODUCTS PIANC RecCom Belgium Tel: +32 2 553 71 61 PIANC is an international professional organisation dedicated to sharing best practices for design and operation of navigation infrastructure. The Recreational Navigation Commission (RecCom) is focused on marinas and boating infrastructure. RecCom coordinates working groups that develop publications, and organises marina design courses. Reach and Rescue UK Tel: +44 (0) 1942 835876 Supplying the marine industry with swift, directionally accurate, long-reach telescopic water rescue poles and public-access water rescue systems. Designed to improve safety by boosting casualty survival chances and keeping rescue operatives safe. Sense4Boat Croatia Tel: +385 91 604 7745 Innovative ‘Active Prevention System’ that combines modern technology and the developers’ long experience in the marina industry to ensure the maximum safety of a boat during long storage periods in the marina. Environmental products E2SOL LLC USA Tel: +1 401 4892273 E2SOL provides renewable energy technologies, develops custom project solutions and offers products designed to maximise energy consumption efficiencies. E2SOL offers its services to the commercial, industrial, marine and recreational vehicles’ renewable energy markets. Ecotank - Ecoboat Recycling France Tel: +33 4 92 28 38 85 Ecotank manufactures eco-friendly boats that collect liquid and solid pollutants, and fixed and mobile equipment for ecologically sound management of effluents (waste water, oily water etc.). Clients include marinas, shipyards and sailing professionals. Ecoboat Recycling specialises in vessel deconstruction. Elastec USA Tel: +1 618 382 2525 Elastec manufactures marina pollution control equipment. Absorbents, containment booms, skimmers, pumps for oil spill response; workboats for maintenance, rubbish and debris collection; silt and turbidity curtains for dredging operations; and portable incinerators. Emergen’Sea France Tel: +33 801 909 100 Emergen’Sea is an emergency service accessible 24/7 that acts on maritime pollution in ports and on coastlines. Five Aluminium Boat & Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Tel: +65 6862 8233 Builders of rubbish/flotsam collection boats, weed cutters and mini dredgers. Flow Vacuum Sl/Flovac Spain Tel: +34 93 685 9490 Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas and ports of any size. The Flovac system can capture sewage and bilge water from boats, and waste from all facilities around the marina complex. 30 GPASeabots Spain Tel: +34 931 25 65 36 GPASeabots is a USV company whose activity revolves around floating technology for exploration and preservation of aquatic environments. It creates solutions for hydrography, visual or ultrasonic inspections, SAR and water cleaning etc. IADYS France Tel: +33 9 87 03 65 47 The Jellyfishbot is an electric robot that collects marine litter from waterways (marinas, lakes etc). Efficient (1000m²/h) and lightweight (20kg), it is able to navigate in narrow areas where the waste stagnates. Pick a Pier Israel Tel: +972 522 916 485 Pick a Pier is creating the marina of the future by sparking growth, innovation and sustainability in the recreational boating industry. PowerDocks LLC USA Tel: +1 401 489 2273 Solar powered pontoons and moorings; sustainable powered floating infrastructure; sustainable floating living; leisure and hotel; sustainable marina design and development. RanMarine Technology BV Netherlands Tel: +31 6416 97268 WasteShark: world’s first drone that removes harmful material from water - trash, microplastics, oils, algae, invasive plants. WasteShark is carbon zero, quiet, autonomous with builtin collision avoidance, safe for animals, powerful, durable, inexpensive. Available worldwide. Seaflex Sweden Tel: +46 90 16 06 50 The Seaflex elastic mooring solution keeps docks/pontoons, wave attenuators, floating houses, solar energy platforms, wave energy devices and buoys securely in position even with high water fluctuation and waves. It can handle extreme forces, is kind to the environment and has very long life expectancy. Skimmit Marine USA Tel: +1 651 303 3586 Skimmit is a heavy-built catamaran workboat with zero-turn manoeuvrability. It collects floating trash between the hulls and hydraulically uploads it over the stern up to 7ft above the water. Speedread Technologies USA Tel: +1 317 824 4544 Speedread Technologies provides sub metering and remote meter monitoring solutions for marina power pedestals, pump-out stations, docks and marina buildings. Water and electric metering data is accessible through a user-friendly online portal. Vogelsang GmbH & Co Germany Tel: +49 5434 83 0 Vogelsang offers a specialist wastewater and bilgewater disposal system for private harbours and marinas. The Vogelsang PierPump is extremely robust and service-friendly due to the use of the company’s own rotary lobe pumps that are renowned for quality worldwide. Water Witch Workboats UK Tel: +44 (0)151 207 4874 Builders of workboats in steel and aluminium for harbour and marina maintenance, debris collection, oil spill response and aquatic weed control. - Suppliers & Services 2021/2022

FINANCING & VALUATION - MARINA Financing & valuation - marina Applied Technology & Management, Inc USA Tel: +1 843 414 1040 Waterfront planning and design including municipal waterfront revitalisation, public and private marina development and redevelopment. Planning, economic evaluations, engineering design, financing/grants, permits, consensus-building, construction management, operational planning. Arrol Marina Consultancy UK Tel: +44 7982 819391 Consultancy for marina and waterfront design, development and operations; urban waterfront regeneration; and dredging and harbour works. Publisher of The Marina Manual. CBRE Marina Services USA Tel: +1 954 331 1719 CBRE Marinas provides appraisal, brokerage, consulting and expert witness services to marina, boatyard, shipyard, mixed use waterfront and vacant waterfront clients worldwide. Edgewater Resources, LLC USA Tel: +1 269 9324502 Edgewater Resources was founded with the goal of helping communities and landowners enhance their waterfronts with a focus on planning, design and engineering solutions based on economic reality. F3 Marina USA Tel: +1 414 271 1111 F3 Marina is a leader in professional marina management and consulting services to marina owners anywhere. Its services cover all aspects of waterfront development and management, including marinas and adjacent upland property, such as multi-family and retail. International Waterfront Consultants UAE Tel: +971 50 5511639 IWC provides unparalleled services for the feasibility, technical and commercial planning, design, engineering and management of waterfront infrastructure, marinas and developments worldwide. MDL Marina Consultancy UK Tel: +44 (0) 23 8045 7155 MDL Marina Consultancy offers services at each step in a marina development including: innovation workshop, feasibility, business and master planning, design, project management and operation. The company has over 45 years of experience planning and operating marinas in the UK and Europe. Marina Management Services, Inc USA Tel: +1 561 338 5800 Third party management - full onsite/oversight; consultancy - design/financial/marketing/operations; financial - valuations/proforma/due diligence; feasibility studies - marketing/financial. WIGGINS MARINA BULL +1 (805) 485-7821 - Suppliers & Services 2021/2022 31

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