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2021-22 Suppliers & Services

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WORKBOATS YARD EQUIPMENT Skimmit Marine USA Tel: +1 651 303 3586 Skimmit is a heavy-built catamaran workboat with zero-turn manoeuvrability. It collects floating trash between the hulls and hydraulically uploads it over the stern up to 7ft above the water. Water Witch Workboats UK Tel: +44 (0)151 207 4874 Builders of workboats in steel and aluminium for harbour and marina maintenance, debris collection, oil spill response and aquatic weed control. Yard equipment Almovi Portugal Tel: +351 214 690 341 Supplies a full range of equipment for moving vessels in boatyards. Expert maintenance technicians offer service all over Europe. A subsidiary of Grupo Lindley. Alto Service Italia Srl Italy Tel: +39 0584 969685 Manufacturer of self-propelled boat trailers from 10 to 1,000 ton capacity; towable trailers from 10 to 40 tons; hauling and launching trailers; power boat and sail boat stands and cradles. Ascom SpA Italy Tel: +39 059 558 038 Boat hoists from 25 to 1,000 tons, standard and amphibious versions. Boat trailers from 15 to 1,000 tons, self-propelled, towed, amphibious, ratified for travel over public road, plus customised versions. Boat Lift Srl Italy Tel: +39 0173 500 357 Provides boat hoists for launching and hauling, motorised trailers for vessel handling and amphibious systems for both lifting and handling activities. Cimolai Technology SpA Italy Tel: +39 049 9404539 Cimolai supplies mobile hoists from 20 tonnes up to 1,500 tonnes; ship lifting platforms and transfer systems to launch, drydock and handle vessels; motorised trolleys on rails or tyres and special mobile cranes. Dr. Shrink, Inc USA Tel: +1 231 723 2685 International supplier of premium shrink wrap up to 60ft (18m) in width and all installation accessories. Complete weather protection on any sized product. UV protected. Vents and zipper doors. EVA Bumper Italy Tel: +39 3347761380 EVA Bumper provides ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) bumpers for marina pontoons, jetties, piers, fingers, dry docks, gas stations, boatyards, travel lifts and crane areas, and a marine shock absorber for pontoons and boats. Via Alba-Narzole 19 - 12055 Diano d’Alba (CN) tel. +39 (0)173 500357 - fax +39(0)173 500642 60 - Suppliers & Services 2021/2022

YARD EQUIPMENT GH Cranes & Components Spain Tel: +34 943 569176 GH is an integral supplier of boat handling equipment: tailor made boat hoists ranging from 20 to 600t (STD and amphibious versions) and port jib cranes from 2 to 20t. Hostar Marine Transport Systems, Inc USA Tel: +1 508 295 2900 Manufacturer of custom hydraulic road/yard trailers, towable and self-propelled with capacities to 100 tons; stackable boat stands for power and sail boats; boat dollies to 25,000lbs capacity per pair. Kropf Industrial, Inc Canada Tel: +1 888 480 3777 Manufacturer of Conolift hydraulic boat handling equipment including trailers and mobile lifts, as well as steel or HDPE floating docks, steel floating breakwaters, galvanised boat storage stands and custom equipment. Marine Travelift USA Tel: +1 920 743 6202 With decades of experience, Marine Travelift claims to offer the marine industry’s most complete boat handling solutions. Its custom engineered mobile boat hoists (15 to 1,500+ metric tonnes), self-propelled transporters and marine forklifts are all designed specifically for your marina. Mecanorem France Tel: +33 (0) 233 954 545 For nearly 40 years, Mecanorem has been offering hydraulic boat trailers with permanent focus on speed, comfort of use and security to marinas, yacht clubs, boat yards, boat builders and dealers. Multi-Mover UK UK Tel: +44 (0)1952 771264 Multi-Mover electric tow tugs allow you to move any wheeled object, trailers, carts and trolleys up to 100,000kg with an accurate level of precision. Nautipark France Tel: +33 2 40 27 65 53 Nautical cradling, storing and handling solutions. Present in 12 countries and working with over 65% of French harbours. Cradles, trailers and stacks made in France save time and offer security. PDN Mobile Cranes Srl Italy Tel: +39 05211 756441 PDN designs and supplies mobile cranes and trailers for shipyards and ports for hauling boats of all sizes up to 1,000 tonnes. PDN also specialises in the assistance, service and rehabilitation of other cranes. Roodberg, Vermeer Marine, The Netherlands Tel: +31 513 521313 Boathandling equipment and solutions from 4 to 1,000 tonnes. Travel lift, static power crane, slipway ‘launch and recovery’ solutions, cradles and self-powered transporters. INNOVATION QUALITY COMMITMENT • Full line of hydraulic boat handling equipment • Yard, self-propelled, and highway models • Open frame design to maximize flexibility and efficiency Kropf Industrial also supplies mobile boat lifts, as well as steel or HDPE pipe floating docks, and steel floating breakwaters. 888.480.3777 - Suppliers & Services 2021/2022 61

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