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2021 January February Marina World

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SUPERIOR JETTIES: SPONSORED FEATURE Superior Modular Dock: Thinking outside the blocks In addition to the Commonwealth Games, the extremely flexible and versatile SMD has been used at high profile sporting events around the world, including the Tour de France. arena, the heavy wall thickness allows for the product to be foam filled as well as producing a positive buoyancy for increased reliability,” he adds. SUPERIOR JETTIES: SPONSORED FEATURE Never a company to rest on its laurels, Australia-based Superior Jetties kick started 2021 with the release of a fresh and improved version of its wellproven Superior Modular Dock (SMD). Like other floating modular systems of connectable cubes, Superior’s offering is a versatile alternative to more costly fixed-dock arrangements, but developing next generation quality that builds on the proven flexibility, longevity and aesthetic appeal of a 20-year-old product has required some keen R&D. Superior development The SMD has been available from Superior since the late 1990s and installations throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East have proven to be robust and reliable. Over the past two decades, however, there has been much fine-tuning as steady advances were made in the rotomoulding process, materials were strengthened, tooling became more precise and floating structure technology improved. More sizes, extra accessories and the popular Jet Ski Dock (JSD) and boat lift applications were developed. Superior Jetties CEO, John Hogan, understands the water, and has specialised knowledge and understanding of the technical nuances of aquatic structures and the engineering challenges of designing waterfront options. He has, therefore, ensured that the enhanced SMD is equally suited to domestic, commercial and industrial market uses. “Our goal with the SMD system is to provide a product that is highly functional; so robust and easy to use that it is a compelling purchasing decision for any sort of water application,” he says. “It’s practical for recreational use and simple to install. However, once in the industrial The SMD modules are easily demountable and moveable as well as being containerfriendly for shipment anywhere in the world. They are equipped with forklift fork recesses for easy loading and storage. Superior standards As Hogan indicates, the SMD sets a new benchmark in modular docks as it has the thickest wall sections on the market at 8 to 10mm. It also has in-built slip-resistant decking. The entire product is cased in polyethylene (PE) in a process known as rotomoulding and all units are moulded in the Superior factory in Queensland using virgin PE, which is produced by converting lower value gases into high quality polyethylene resins. The moulds are all-new CNC computer machined from a solid block of aluminium for the best precision and fit. The polymer is compounded with various ingredients to achieve a UV20 rating and ensure long life in the harsh marine environment. SMD delivers enhanced stability due to larger than average elements that require fewer joints. A variety of sizes (3m x 2m, 3m x 1.5m, 3m x 1m, 1.5m x 1.5m, 1.5m x 1m and 1m x 0.5m) is offered to create customised shapes. Modules are connected using 100% virgin rubber dogbone connectors which link the top and bottom edge of each unit together at 500mm centres. The dogbones use either a fibre reinforced nylon bolt or an HD 316 stainless steel bolt to join the docks depending on the strength and durability requirements of the application. The modules are easily demountable and moveable, without the need for special tooling, are container friendly for shipment worldwide and are equipped with forklift fork recesses for easy 14 – January/February 2021

SPONSORED FEATURE: SUPERIOR JETTIES loading and storage. Standard colour is grey but custom colours are available. For industry SMD is unique. It may look like other modular floating blocks but, not only can the industrial version be foam filled, it can also be fitted with a fully compliant handrail system called EDGE. This matches in with a top, mid and kick rail fitting to Australian Standard AS1257. Each handrail section articulates with the dogbones so no distortion occurs while maintaining a safe work environment. The modular nature also allows a pile to be surrounded onsite and dogboned together complete with handrails. This targeted solution greatly improves WH&S compliance and enhances workflow. For flexibility “The SMD showed all of its flexibility when used as the starting platform for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. It was bumped in and out in a single day, four times over a two year period, providing a stable floating structure. In addition, modularity allows us to create a product that can be shipped anywhere in the world and assembled in an easy and logical way,” Hogan confirms. “SMD has also allowed us to take a SMD modules can withstand heavy conditions and tough treatment. A specially profiled surface gives good slip resistance, and easy module connectivity ensures versatility for a range of industrial applications. system of components and adapt them for specific purposes to aid different site conditions,” he adds. “There are seabed anchors that allow the floating units to be secured to a fixed wharf, stainless steel winch posts, aluminium connector brackets and pile brackets that allow clients to adjust onsite. The SMD has even been adapted to make a series of boatlifts which use air displacement technology.” For fun No description of the SMD system would be complete without mention of the Superior Jet Ski Dock (SJD), a stylish, standalone dock, measuring 4.5m x 1.5m with no moving parts. It is widely used for domestic and commercial applications and can be linked together into a continuous dock and powered to the fuel station for major labour savings for commercial The stylish Superior JSD is designed for non-deterioration in the marine environment and can be easily connected to any marina structure. The docks can also be connected side by side to create larger platforms. operators. The JSD features a stainless steel winch post and locking bar at the front and a replaceable wear part at the impact point in the entry section. It’s a great way for marina operators to enhance services and earn extra revenue or give domestic users quick and comfortable access to their precious watercraft. For the future The improved SMD complements the newly improved Super Elite all-concrete pontoon with its Euro Hinge connection system, the floating events pontoon Waterscape, the Superior range of designer accessories, floating reed beds, solar farms - and more. And it’s built to last. Twenty-year-old structures, such as Gold Coast City Council and Copper Coast Council boat ramps, are still going strong. “The product offers better value for ‘whole of life’ costing due to the exceptionally low maintenance requirement of polyethylene rotomoulded structures,” Hogan insists. “This, together with added support from the Superior technical team, elevates the SMD above anything else on the market.” “The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and the Superior Modular Dock suite of products will have options that are right for you.” E: SUPERIOR JETTIES: SPONSORED FEATURE – January/February 2021 15

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