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2021 January February Marina World

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A marina team with over 30 YEARS of continuity and leadership in comprehensive services for international marina development. Marina Planning and Design Sustainable and Resilient Design Waterfront and Coastal Engineering Marina Market and Feasibility Studies Marina Tender and Construcon Services Photo courtesy of Christophe Harbour ® Delivering efficiency. We know your business. Self-propelled gantry cranes Jib cranes Dry marinas

PONTOON/DOCK SYSTEMS & DECKING Lindley designed, built and installed a special mooring solution with three piers on Tavira Island (left) and a long floating dock alongside the town pier (below). Enhancing access to Tavira Island The town of Tavira in southern Portugal is a hub for fishing and tourism, renowned for its many small churches and chapels and for stretches of sandy beach which are particularly prevalent in a small island only accessible by crossing the River Gilão. To ensure constant access to the island for ferries, fishing boats and service providers, infrastructure has been developed on both embankments of the river, in the centre of the town and on the island. These were constructed in 2019 and 2020 and comprise a shore-based building and floating pontoons for embarking, disembarking and temporary berthing. Lindley was chosen by the local authorities to design, build, supply and install pontoons, access bridges and piles. On the island side, Lindley completed three piers, with different widths and freeboards, for water taxis, ferry boats and private yachts to be able to access the island. This infrastructure was built using heavy duty timber-decked concrete pontoons moored on piles. The outer pontoon, 40m (131ft) long x 5m (16ft) wide with an unladen freeboard of 1.1m (4ft), enables easy berthing and operation for the ferries. The two inner pontoons, each 20m (66ft) long x 3m (10ft) wide and bearing an unladen freeboard of 0.6m (2ft), allow private yachts, small water taxis, service boats and fishing vessels to comfortably access the island. The standard recommended electrical and water services, as well as the required safety equipment, were also supplied. Separate gangways of 20m (66ft) x 2m (7ft) were installed to allow for alternate circulation. On the Tavira side, a 260m (850ft) long floating dock has been installed on Gilão River alongside the town centre pier to enhance the safety and comfort for mooring nautical tourist and fishing boats. Lindley was awarded the contract by the public entity Docapesca for the design, fabrication, supply and installation of a complete turnkey solution comprising pontoons, mooring, access and services. Sixteen concrete floating pontoons, each of 12m (39ft) or 15m (49ft) in length in 3m (10ft) wide sections, are divided in four different areas, designated for ferries, tourist boats, fishing activities, coast guard and for a small fuel station. A bridgehead with two separate gangways offers different access and operation. In the case of the tourist piers, handrails were also installed on the shoreside to protect users from falling into the water. Pontoons are moored by vertical beams anchored to the jetty wall. – January/February 2021 39

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