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MARINAS From the smallest to the largest Any customized solutions for every need Minus Minus top led Geo Aquarius Domyna Link INSPIRING BUSINESS SUCCESS Aquarius model “Information, Education, Inspiration” International Conference & Trade Exhibition Personalized solutions The Marinas21 International Conference and Trade Exhibition will be held on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th May at the Marriott Resort on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The conference will bring together 300 – 400 participants comprising the region’s leading marina and club operators, owners and vendors along with related government agency representatives. 24-25 May, 2021 Marriott Resort, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Rising to the challenges of COVID By treating the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 in 2020 as a challenge, and focusing on reorganising several aspects of its business, Italian company Ingemar was rewarded by positive financial results. Particular attention was paid to three aspects: • Increasing work station space, acquiring new space for storing goods and implementing remote working where practical. • Defining exclusive licence agreements with important international groups for the manufacture of floating structures in other countries, with Ingemar providing design, direct supervision and the contribution of strategic supplies. • Further development of the innovative ‘mobile construction sites’ which, following success in Kuwait and the Gulf of La Spezia, Italy, have made it possible to shift the construction of heavier and bulkier products away from the factory. By implementing the above, two major installations, one in Italy in La Maddalena and the other in Dubai, UAE have been completed. Cala Balbiano The new tourist port of Cala Balbiano is considered to be one of the key elements of relaunching the tourist industry on the island of La Maddalena in northern Sardinia. The project design was prepared by two engineers, Andrea Ritossa of MarTech and Giovanni Pileri of Studio Pileri. It includes the construction of two reinforced concrete barriers with a total length of 140m (460ft) constructed using six 20m (66ft) long floating breakwaters, each weighing 130 tonnes. A steel access dock with concrete and expanded polystyrene floats was also installed. The infrastructure created about 140 berths including 52 for vessels up to 40m (131ft), distributed along the breakwaters and along the quay near the port. The basin also contains three floating piers for smaller vessels. Ingemar was responsible for all the floating structures and their anchoring systems, moorings for the boats and the services. The gigantic breakwater modules were built in a ‘mobile construction site’ temporarily set up in Olbia and then towed by sea to the installation site. This proved to be not only a highly practical solution but also enabled Ingemar to establish close contact with local contractors who could then help solve any complex operational issues. Weather also played its part in unexpectedly boosting the Ingemar order book. As the new breakwaters withstood a battering from storms, they were being examined by a new potential customer – Marina Cala dei Sardi in the nearby Gulf of Cugnana. A new contract for the supply of 14 breakwater modules was subsequently confirmed. Dubai Harbour Dubai Harbour Marina in Dubai, UAE is the first project to be jointly undertaken by Ingemar and its licensee Overseas AST and comprised the supply of pontoons, fingers and floating breakwaters with very high displacement. The project to enhance the city waterfront includes the Above: Infrastructure at Cala Balbiano on the island of La Maddalena in Sardinia created around 140 berths. Right: All-concrete docks at Dubai Harbour are specifically designed for very large yachts. PONTOON/DOCK SYSTEMS & DECKING construction of a new mega marina with 1,400 berths and an innovative cruise terminal capable of hosting large ships and up to 6,000 passengers. After an initial phase of defining the technical characteristics of the floating structures and local resources, production of the modules began in December 2019 in a construction yard about 20km (12.4mi) from the installation site. The floating docks are of all-concrete type and characterised by high displacement. The layout and specific requirements for large yachts required special design of numerous elements but 220 custom designed modules were nonetheless installed in record time to give a total of 3,800m (12,500ft) of mooring space. Megayachts up to 60m (197ft) long are moored directly on the new floating docks inside the new marina and special fingers are reserved for gigayachts up to 120m (390ft) long, mooring to buoys (with mooring blocks). Lorenzo Isalberti, founder and president of Ingemar, looks back: “2020 opened with many hopes and great expectations but the COVID emergency blocked everything and everyone suddenly. Fortunately, our experience in delocalising production allowed us to safely stem many of the limits imposed for the global contingency and closely monitor geographical areas that boast some of the highest development rates in the world,” he noted. “Our original ‘mobile sites’, designed and tested before the emergency, were the winning card last year,” he added. – January/February 2021 41

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