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2021 January February Marina World

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PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE Index to Advertisers ASAR/GCM Safe Harbour Drystacks, USA 59 Applied Technology & Management, USA 38 Bellingham Marine, USA 7, 9 & 11 Bluewater Marine & Dock, USA 36 Boatlift, Italy 20 CMI/Gaterdock/Lumberock, USA 42 Capria, Argentina 24 City of Cannes, France 10 Conolift by Kropf Industrial, Canada 36 Den Hartog Industries, USA 34 Dual Docker, Austria 30 Dura Composites, UK 54 Eaton Marina Power & Lighting, USA 60 Flovac, Spain 30 GH Cranes & Components, Spain 38 Gigieffe, Italy 40 Golden Manufacturing, USA 18 & 19 Hazelett Marine, USA 24 ICOMIA World Marina Conference, Dubai 27 Ingemar, Italy 12 Inmare, Italy 46 Lindley, Portugal 32 Livart Marine, China 50 Marex, Croatia 48 Marina Master by IRM, Slovenia 54 Marina Projects, UK 28 MarinaGo by Scribble Software, USA 32 Marinas21, Australia 40 Marinetek, Finland 4 Metstrade 2021, Netherlands 16 PDN Engineering, Italy 42 Pacsoft, New Zealand 51 PierPump by Vogelsang, Germany 8 Raviv Consulting Engineers, Israel 46 Rolec Services, UK 22 Ronautica, Spain 34 Roodberg - a brand of Frisian Industries, Netherlands 44 SF Marina System, Sweden 2 Seaflex, Sweden 6 Seijsener, Netherlands 44, USA 50 Superior Group, Australia 54 Superior Modular Dock: Sponsored Feature, Australia 14 & 15 Swedeship Sublift, Sweden 56 TIVA Building Products, Canada 50 ThruFlow, Canada 46 Titan Deck, USA 48 Twinwood by Soprefa, Portugal 56 Walcon Marine, UK 28 Wiggins Lift Co, USA 48 Pump-out made easy Clean and disruption-free wastewater pump-out facilities are becoming an increasingly important criterion for boat owners when selecting a marina. The PierPump disposal station from German company Vogelsang not only continues to prove itself in the marina sector but also helps drive the trend towards responsible boating. Gerard Schermer, marina manager at Stichting Yachthafens Wartena in the Netherlands, has found that if the wastewater station is simple to use, it will actually be used. “Since we installed PierPump, the use of the wastewater station at our marina has increased significantly,” he confirms. The self-service process is as easy as filling up at a petrol pump, and the station is both environmentally and user friendly. The boat owner pre-pays via card reader or coin counter and connects up via universal connections that are guaranteed to fit all types of vessel. If optional heating elements are incorporated, the pump even works smoothly at sub-zero temperatures. Various designs are available. The PierPump S160 collects wastewater quickly and effectively even if it contains foreign matter; PierPump SB160 also pumps out bilge water; and PierPump Easy offers marina operators an economical and basic option. Key features include a quality pump, a sensible footprint and casing material options: • The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, which sits at the heart of all of the systems, has elastomer-coated lobes to make it resistant to dry-running and foreign bodies. It pumps the fluid and guides it directly into the marina’s sewer system. • Compact design requires only minimal space. The PierPump S160, for example, is 1m (3.4ft) high and requires a footprint of just 0.5m² (5.4ft²). • The PierPump’s stainless steel housing, available in V2A or with salt water-resistant C5-M coating, effectively resists the effects of weather. Additional optional features are available, such as a time-relay control for cycling the usage duration or an operating hours counter. The QuickService concept is another advantage; all worn parts can be replaced very quickly without removing the pump. And any help is always close to hand – via Vogelsang’s network of 25 subsidiaries and representative offices. 58 – January/February 2021

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