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2021 July August Marina World

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SPONSORED FEATURE: WIGGINS LIFT Launching the Marina eBull: the e-xciting alternative A fully electric Wiggins Yard eBull recharges after working a full shift. SPONSORED FEATURE: WIGGINS LIFT Wiggins Lift Co, a long-time acknowledged leader in the marine forklift sector announces the latest in a line-up of innovative marine forklifts – a fully electric, zero-emission version of the iconic Marina Bull. The Marina eBull is something to get excited about. Along with the provenance of being a Marina Bull, and thus the most widely used boat handling forklift by marinas, boat dealers and boatyards around the world, the Marina eBull has a lithium ion battery that literally powers it into a class of its own: the marina owner benefits from improved performance and reduced maintenance; the forklift operator is healthier and happier, with a smoother, quieter ride; the boat owner has a soot-free boat; and everyone living nearby, dining or shopping near the marina no longer has to hear the rumble of a diesel engine. Less e-xpensive The Marina eBull can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership over a diesel truck. For example, Wiggins’ customers have seen a reduction in operating costs of over 90% with the eBull, as the eBull completely eliminates the need to purchase diesel fuel or Tier 4 DEF fluid. The eBull also eliminates the need for engine and Wiggins is the industry leader in boat handling forklifts, used at marinas, boat dealerships and boatyards around the world. transmission preventative maintenance and filter replacements that can cost thousands of dollars a year per unit. Despite the higher initial purchase cost, the reduction in operation and maintenance cost can result in a lower total cost of ownership after only a few years of use. Variable e-charge Wiggins offers two options for charging depending on the marina’s operations: slower Level 2 AC charging, which has an empty-to-full charge time of eight to ten hours; and quicker DC fast charging, with an empty-to-full charge time of two hours or less. For marinas that do not run late or overnight shifts, Wiggins recommends Level 2 AC charging. As the standard Marina eBull is designed to work an entire eight hour shift on one charge (actual runtime will depend on each customer’s duty cycle), customers running a single shift can simply put the eBull on the Level 2 charger at the end of the day and it will be fully charged and ready to work the next morning. For very busy marinas, or boatyards that need to run back-to-back shifts, Wiggins also offers a DC fast charger with opportunity charging when 14 – July/August 2021

WIGGINS LIFT: SPONSORED FEATURE possible throughout the day. Wiggins can help you optimise charging infrastructure for specific operations to reduce total cost and maximise runtime. For Level 2 charging, 240V A/C power is required. For DC fast charging, 480V A/C power is required. Wiggins discusses specific requirements with every customer to ensure that infrastructure needs are met. Built to e-volve Wiggins understands that electric vehicle technology is progressing rapidly and the eBull is designed to be able to accommodate future technological advances, such as more efficient battery packs or hydrogen fuel cells. The eBull built today is designed to be retrofitted down the line as new technology becomes available. In addition, there are several levels of onboard battery storage available, with the capability of adding batteries after delivery if a little extra range is needed. Wiggins offers several on-board battery packages, ranging from light use applications where only a few hours of run time is needed per day to heavy use, for operators who need to run ten to 12 hours on a single charge. E-asy driving Without the noise and rumble associated with large, industrial diesel engines, the Marina eBull delivers significantly less wear and tear to the operator than a traditional diesel forklift. Operators have remarked that with no shaking or rattling typically generated by a diesel engine, the eBull feels sturdier and more solid than the trucks they are used to driving. With no sound, no shaking, and smooth, powerful acceleration, the eBull is a joy to drive. E-co friendly The zero emission Marina eBull is the responsible choice for the environmentally-conscious decision maker. By eliminating the soot and fumes that even the cleanest diesel engines can emit, and without sacrificing performance, marina owners and managers can feel confident about the eBull’s performance in every area. The environmentally friendly nature of Wiggins will offer its entire Marina Bull product line in electric. the eBull can also offer a differentiating factor to help attract eco-conscious boat owners to your marina. E-ssential safety While customers (and their neighbours!) who operate in residential areas love the silent nature of the eBull, it can also create concerns about pedestrian safety. The eBull has several features that can help mitigate that concern. Wiggins offers a white noise generator on board that makes ambient noise whenever the eBull is in motion. In addition, a series of flashing strobe lights around the vehicle and an optional Boundary Zone Marker help to warn pedestrians of the eBull’s proximity. A rear- and side-facing radar system also actively senses nearby obstacles and pedestrians and warns the operator of their presence while in reverse. In addition, all Wiggins products come equipped with a back-up camera as a standard feature. E-yes on your fleet As an added option, Wiggins offers remote tracking - a web-based telematics system that allows the customer to access relevant, real-time data from their fleet: vehicle location, state of charge, recent activity, troubleshooting help, and more. Battery e-fficiency The lithium ion batteries in the eBull are expected to maintain 70% of original capacity after 3,000+ charge cycles. This means that after 3,000 full charge cycles (empty to full), the eBull will run for about 70% as long as it did when first purchased. This would give the batteries an expected useful life of more than 20,000 hours. Also, the eBull’s modular battery design allows battery packs to be replaced one at a time, instead of having to be completely replaced at once. Wiggins is excited to put the ‘e’ in Marina Bull - and to bring this newest innovation to the boat handling industry. To find out how the Wiggins team can help you craft a zero emission solution for your marina or boatyard, contact Wiggins Lift at +1 (805) 574- 7631 or SPONSORED FEATURE: WIGGINS LIFT – July/August 2021 15

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