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2021 July August Marina World

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CLEAN WASTEWATER DISPOSAL PierPump – Trouble-free disposal of waste and bilge water from boats and yachts. When installing a wastewater management system harbor operators have to make several decisions depending on the location, number of berths and size to find the optimal system. The Vogelsang PierPump is a customer-oriented high-performance solution, which is easy to operate and allows bilge water or black water to be pumped directly into the sewage system. The integrated rotary lobe pump means that the PierPump is resistant to foreign matter, so that the vacuum extraction process does not come to stop if the wastewater contains foreign matter. Wastewater tanks are vacuum extracted in a very short time, and the voyage can continue. VOGELSANG LEADING IN TECHNOLOGY

WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS important infrastructure to help grow our yard and the entire Genoese sector on the international market,” he said. “This infrastructure, by combining innovation, technology and high quality standards will give great impetus to professional boating activities and the local economy. Waterfront Marina is the result of synergistic work between public and private sectors and is a step forward for Genoa’s path to becoming the international superyacht capital.” The shiplift, to which Amico refers, has a 4,000 ton capacity and can handle, haul and launch yachts of up to 95m (312ft) in length. It can work simultaneously on six vessels of 60- 95m (197-312ft) and is completed by a trolley system on rails. Genoa Boat Show Work on the Levante waterfront will significantly benefit Genoa’s 61 st Salone Nautico Internazionale and, in 2023, a new layout will emerge. The show, an icon for Genoa and Italy, which in its best years outclassed most boat shows around the world, opened for business even during the pandemic (with maximum safety measures). Its success has always been largely due to its multi-specialist format which represents all nautical sectors and, as such, it is a driver for leisure marine developments in the city and the country. This year, the Genoa Boat Show takes place 16 th -21 st September with new features including Yachts and Porto Antico, at the heart of the city, will be more accessible when plans to revitalise Genoa’s waterfront progress. Superyachts; Sailing World; Boating Discovery; Tech Trade; and Living with the Sea. Exhibitor space was sold out as Marina World closed for press in early July. – July/August 2021 25

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