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2021 July August Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES Keeping wastewater disposal under wraps The Côte d’Azur in the south of France is world famous for its popularity among the international jet set. The demands on marinas are correspondingly high, which is why marina managers are fine-tuning every aspect of harbour operations to ensure their guests’ stay is as pleasant as possible. As marinas become holiday and leisure destinations, operators constantly strive to optimise infrastructure so as to create an idyllic ambience and offer guests a comfortable stay. The positioning and operation of essential service stations, such as wastewater systems (which are considered eyesores), must thus be inconspicuous. Discreet installations Port Vauban Marina – a well-known large marina with over 1,500 berths in Antibes on the French Riviera - relies on a VacUnit SP from German company Vogelsang to remove wastewater from boats in a hygienic and inconspicuous manner. The harbour operator had the compact single vacuum pump station installed in spring 2021 and, as the system is located away from the landing stages, guests hardly notice it. The pipes run underneath the jetty to the berths, where boats of up to 170m (560ft) anchor, and the connector to the disposal system is located under a hatch at ground level. In order to pump out the wastewater, a harbour employee links the connector under the jetty to the boat’s wastewater tank. The VacUnit empties tanks with a capacity of up to 5,000 litres (1,100 The VacUnit is compact and inconspicuously located at the edge of the marina at Port Vauban. gallons) reliably and quietly in just a few minutes. The VacUnit keeps the jetty and landing stages free of larger, conspicuous installations such as individual disposal solutions or pump trucks. Port Vauban currently has 13 connectors linked to the VacUnit, with expansions to further landing stages in the works. Fast disposal The Vogelsang disposal solution is space-saving and tidy in appearance and enables yacht owners to dispose of wastewater easily and flexibly. Before the VacUnit was installed, a service provider was tasked with wastewater removal. This was unpleasant for the guests in many ways: the disposal was a noticeable endeavour as employees would come to the jetty with the appropriate equipment; the yacht owner had to coordinate appointments in advance and schedule them within a certain time frame; and the boat owner then had to pay the service provider directly on site. Now, with the VacUnit, fast and discreet disposal is possible 24 hours a day, and yacht owners can handle billing and scheduling directly with the Port Vauban office. Available technology Vogelsang is an expert in the hygienic disposal of wastewater and black water in transport technology, and its solutions, such as the VacUnit, have proven their value in harbours and train depots around the world. The VacUnit, as the central pump station, generates suction in the connected pipe system to extract the wastewater from the tanks and pumps wastewater tanks with a maximum capacity of 110m³ (3,900ft³) per hour. The core of the system, a Vogelsang rotary lobe The Vogelsang disposal solution is easy to maintain, and robust when handling foreign matter in wastewater. pump, has a capacity of 15kW, runs very smoothly and thus operates very quietly. The pump is also impervious to dry running and foreign matter in the wastewater. Two variants are available: a compact single pump station (VacUnit SP) and a double pump station (VacUnit DP). The pump units in the VacUnit DP are designed with redundancy, i.e. if a pump unit fails, the plant operation can be continued reliably. Customised adjustments and extra functions, such as comprehensive operating data collection, remote plant monitoring or tailored ventilation options, are possible without any great difficulty. Easy maintenance Due to its simple construction, the VacUnit is very easy to maintain. The disposal system channels the wastewater directly into the sewer and does not require a vacuum collection tank. This prevents fibrous matter from accumulating in the wastewater and causing blockages. Vogelsang supplies the VacUnit as a factory-tested complete unit on a mounting bracket, including ready-to-connect piping, fittings and controls. The VacUnit allows harbour owners to discreetly dispose of wastewater from boats in a customer-friendly manner. The installation of the system is simple and suitable for all harbours, and connectors at the landing stages can be flexibly extended. This means that guests only see what they should - impressive yachts and a beautiful, clean marina. – July/August 2021 31

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